Baseball Qualifier

Ennis, TX

Blue Bonnet Park

Ennis Rookies At Bat

Oct 23-25, 2020

Rain Outs

10/23/2020 3:45 PM

Whitney City Park

799 West Cleveland Avenue, Whitney, Texas

For Saturday only

Back in Ennis Sunday for bracket games.

9u- Bissing Field

10u- Hightower Field

11u- Nelson Field

7u- Thiele Field

6u, 8u, and 14u is Sunday only.


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 Texas Gators - Valdivia 2-0-0 6 32 700
2 Horned Frogs 2-0-0 6 23 200
4 Dallas Devils 0-2-0 24 4 0
5 Texas A’s 0-2-0 31 8 200
Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Sun 8:00 AM Blue Bon 7 11 Horned Frogs 6 Texas A’s
Game 2 Sun 9:05 AM Blue Bon 7 2 Texas A’s 20 Texas Gators - Valdivia
Game 3 Sun 10:10 AM Blue Bon 7 0 Dallas Devils 12 Horned Frogs
Game 4 Sun 11:15 AM Blue Bon 7 12 Texas Gators - Valdivia 4 Dallas Devils

6u 6U OPEN

Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Sunday 12:30 PM Blue Bon 7 12 Texas Gators - Valdivia 2 Dallas Devils
Game 2 Sunday 1:45 PM Blue Bon 7 6 Horned Frogs 15 Texas A’s
Game 3 Sunday 3:00 PM Blue Bon 7 8 Texas Gators - Valdivia 2 Texas A’s
1 Texas Gators - Valdivia 12
Sunday 12:30 PM
Blue Bon 7
4 Dallas Devils 2
2 Horned Frogs 6
Sunday 1:45 PM
Blue Bon 7
3 Texas A’s 15
Texas Gators - Valdivia 8
Sunday 3:00 PM
Blue Bon 7
Texas A’s 2
Texas Gators - Valdivia

Ennis Rookies at Bat

Division Champion Players Win Rawlings Bat Bags


**6 Team Minimum Required for Bat Bag Awards!!**

COVID-19 Notice- If you are not feeling well, or exhibiting any of the symptoms as described by the CDC, please do not attend the tournament.  Facemasks are encouraged in areas where a social distancing of 6 feet is not feasible.

Who is Gold Crown Tournaments?

We promote competitive youth sports events with a belief that is founded in the assurance of God’s love for our children. We believe that competition unites each of us as we express the gifts and talents God has given each of us.

Rings Awarded to 1st and 2nd place in Each Age Division!!


Bags orders will be place by coach as soon as the tournament champions have been determined  this will be done so we can order the correct amount of Rawlings bags. We will ship to the coach or administrator address!!

10 Team Maximum per Age Division

3 Game Guarantee

All D1 to D3 teams are welcome, we do our best to match teams within divisions for seeding to keep things as fair and fun as possible!

We have listed most of the information you will need and answers to the most common questions we receive.

Team event registration fee:

There Is NO GATE FEE For Spectators and Participants!!!

5u -6u $325

7u-8u $325

9u-12u $360

13u-14u $360

15u-16u $360








When do I pay the tournament entry fee? 

All Gold Crown Tournaments payments are due before your first game.

If you choose to mail a check to avoid online credit card fees please call us and let us know!!!

903-477-3875 / 903-386-8028

Notify us before mailing a check!!!   


Mail Checks to:

Gold Crown Tournaments

119 Wagon Wheel Drive

Waxahachie TX 75167

***Checks that are not received prior to the tournament payment deadline will be returned.  If you mail a check that is not received in time, your team will not be allowed to play unless payment is made prior to their first game on the day of the tournament. So.... 

Bring a back-up Check!!!


We play exclusively by the rules of NCS: Click Here for NCS Rules

We utilize outs instead of innings for pitching totals.

We allow -5 bats in 14u D2 and D3 and under

We play all 13u events at 60/90 unless otherwise noted

We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds.


Unless otherwise listed…

All 1 place and 2 place teams will receive Championship and Finalist Game Rings

All 1 place and 2 place teams receive Championship and Finalist Banners

How do I submit a schedule request?

Gold Crown Tournaments will allow each team to block out any 4 hour period during pool play. We cannot block times for bracket play!  To request your 4 hour block in pool play, please email Requests not received 4 days prior to the Tournament Start Date will not be honored. We work very hard to accommodate schedules, but we can only do so much!

Can we bring outside food and coolers?

Ennis: Coolers and outside food is allowed.

Canton: Drinks only in coolers- NO FOOD.

Can we bring our pets or service animals to the tournament?

No Pets. Service animals are always welcome!

When are our rosters locked and what do I do if a parent forgets/neglects to sign the waiver prior to the cutoff?

All rosters are locked on the evening prior to the 1 day of the event. All players must be listed on the public view teams page by the cutoff. Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff are not eligible to play! 

Behavior at the events

GCT has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards disrespectful and adverse behavior. Any fan, parent, player or coach will be ejected from the event for adverse behavior towards another tournament fan, parent, player, coach, official, or umpire.  We will not subject children to dangerous, or abusive behavior from anyone at our tournaments!!!

Do I need team insurance?

Yes, if you did not buy your policy through National Championship Sports you must add NCS (entity below) as an additionally insured. You can do this free of charge by contacting your insurance provider. We must receive your insurance no later than the day prior to the 1 day of our event (email to

Additional Insured:

National Championship Sports

2011 East Lamar Blvd

Suite 120

Arlington, TX 76006

Do you have any Hotel Discounts for your Tournaments?

Gold Crown Tournaments has discount programs set up with the following local hotels. We are constantly adding to this list, so if there is not availability, reach out to us and we might have some additional hotels!  When you book your rooms, please tell them that you are there for a Gold Crown Tournament, and you will receive the appropriate discount.

Additional Questions

Contact via Text or Phone: J. Allen Stallings- 903.477.3875, or Bethany Stallings- 903.386.8028

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Dallas Devils
Dallas, TX
6U D3 0-3-0
2 Horned Frogs
Mansfield, TX
6U D3 2-1-0
3 Texas A’s
Grand Prairie, TX
6U D3 1-5-1
4 Texas Gators - Valdivia
Grand prairie, TX
6U D3 5-3-0
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
9 Open
10 Open
11 Open
12 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 GP Yankees
Grand Prairie, TX
7U D3 6-10-0
2 Irving Banditos
Irving, TX
7U D3 3-1-0
3 Keller Indians
Keller, TX
7U D3 2-4-0
4 Mesquite Pirates
Mesquite, TX
7U D3 0-3-0
5 NTX Bandits
Burleson, TX
7U D3 6-3-0
6 Patriots
Joshua, TX
7U D3 4-1-0
7 Texas Gators
Grand Prairie, TX
7U D3 10-5-0
8 Texas Legends
Mansfield, TX
7U D3 3-4-0
9 Texas Outlaws
Mansfield, TX
7U D3 0-3-0
Mesquite, TX
7U D2 12-4-0
11 Open
12 Open
13 Open
14 Open
15 Open
16 Open
17 Open
18 Open
19 Open
20 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Ellis County Bombers
waxahachie, TX
8U D3 9-5-1
2 Oak Cliff Astros
Dallas, TX
8U D3 8-6-0
3 Texas A's
Desoto, TX
7U D2 14-7-0
4 Texas Heat
Cedar Hill, TX
8U D3 0-9-0
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
9 Open
10 Open
11 Open
12 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 EC Bombers
Waxahachie, TX
9U D3 2-8-0
2 Mansfield Braves
Mansfield, TX
9U D3 0-3-0
Grand Prairie, TX
8U D2 7-7-0
4 Rawlings Velocity Baseball 9U
Mansfield, TX
9U D3 2-5-0
5 Team Warstic Princeton
Princeton, TX
9U D3 1-8-0
6 Texas Takeover
Whitney, TX
9U D2 14-2-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Beastmode Baseball
Duncanville, TX
10U D3 0-5-0
2 Cedar Hill Pirates
Cedar Hill, TX
10U D3 0-6-0
3 DFW Spartans - Finer
10U D3 2-1-0
4 NTX Devil Dogs
Grand Prairie, TX
10U D3 8-7-0
5 NTXtreme Baseball
Carrollton, TX
10U D3 6-15-2
6 OC Astros
Dallas, TX
10U D3 3-1-0
7 Team Citius-Malcom
Mesquite, TX
9U D1 13-1-0
8 Texas 27s
Waxahachie, TX
10U D3 7-5-1
9 Texas Bombers Elite
Fort Worth, TX
9U D2 10-4-0
10 Texas Takeover
Whitney, TX
10U D3 5-6-0
11 TX Stix
Corsicana, TX
10U D3 1-2-0
12 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Cooperstown Cobras Garcia 11u
Fort Worth, TX
11U D3 0-6-0
2 E.C Bombers
Waxahachie, TX
11U D3 10-2-2
3 East Texas Heat 11U
Brownsboro, TX
11U D3 7-5-0
4 ellis county bandits
midlothian, TX
11U D3 0-3-0
5 Forney Rangers
Forney, TX
11U D3 6-12-0
6 Mansfield Red Raiders
Mansfield, TX
11U D3 6-5-0
Grand Prairie, TX
11U D3 6-6-0
8 NTX Yankees
Grand Prairie, TX
11U D2 20-6-1
9 Sunnyvale Raiders
Sunnyvale, TX
11U D3 1-2-0
10 TaylorMade Turn2
Grand Prairie, TX
11U D3 8-7-0
11 Waxahachie Crew
11U D3 0-3-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 AB National / TxToros
Arlington, TX
14U D3 6-11-0
2 Caballeros Baseball Club
Duncanville, TX
14U D2 13-0-1
3 ETX Battle
Mabank, TX
14U D3 7-7-0
4 Renegade Baseball
Corsicana, TX
14U D3 3-3-0
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open