Trinity View Park

PPS Hard 90 (One Day) Sold Out

Oct 4, 2020


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon 2-0-0 4 17 1250
2 The Express Baseball Club 2-0-0 18 20 650
3 USA Prime -Vazquez 0-2-0 15 9 225
4 TCBA Bandits 0-2-0 22 13 0
Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Sun 8:00 AM TVP 7 11 TCBA Bandits 12 The Express Baseball Club
Game 2 Sun 9:45 AM TVP 7 2 TCBA Bandits 10 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon
Game 3 Sun 11:30 AM TVP 7 8 The Express Baseball Club 7 USA Prime -Vazquez
Game 4 Sun 1:15 PM TVP 7 7 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon 2 USA Prime -Vazquez

13u D3 13U D3

Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Sunday 4:45 PM TVP 7 6 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon 5 TCBA Bandits
Game 2 Sunday 3:00 PM TVP 7 9 The Express Baseball Club 8 USA Prime -Vazquez
Game 3 Sunday 6:30 PM TVP 7 15 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon 0 The Express Baseball Club
13u D3
1 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon 6
Sunday 4:45 PM
4 TCBA Bandits 5
2 The Express Baseball Club 9
Sunday 3:00 PM
3 USA Prime -Vazquez 8
13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon 15
Sunday 6:30 PM
The Express Baseball Club 0
13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon

13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon

# Player 1
24 Davis Jr., Michael 1.0 1.0
24 Dominguez, Pablo 1.0 1.0
03 Giraud, Christian 2.2 2.2
34 Hall, Carter 2.0 2.0
1 Perez, Rodrigo 1.0 1.0
11 Rangel, Roman 0.1 0.1
10 Senham, Wilson 2.0 1.0 3.0
49 Tovar, Manuel 1.2 1.2
Total 4.0 4.2 4.0 12.2

TCBA Bandits

# Player 1
3 Total
7 Floyd, Cooper 2.0 2.0
5 Nacar, Andrew 1.2 1.2
16 Pierce, Henry 0.2 0.2
10 Podsednik, Jack 1.2 1.2
Total 3.2 2.1 6.0

The Express Baseball Club

# Player 1
2 Blesi, Jacob 4.2 4.2
11 Collinsworth, Kyle 0.1 2.0 2.1
04 Prigel, Broadie 3.2 3.2
15 Stewart, Chance 1.0 1.0
Total 4.0 3.0 4.2 11.2

USA Prime -Vazquez

# Player 1
3 Total
31 Brown, Christian 1.0 1.0
13 James, Sean 2.0 2.0
5 Maciula, Max 0.2 3.0 3.2
Total 3.2 3.0 6.2

What We Do-

We're committed to promoting the Game of Baseball! We promote the game and the players through our Championship Events. By providing teams and their supporters with high quality venues and well managed tournaments, teams compete with the best amateur baseball clubs in the Nation. 

Team event registration fee

7u - 8u / $200.00
9u - 12u / $300.00
13u 14u / $350.00
14u Will Play 54/80 at this Park and Hour Thirty Time Limit for This Event

Gate fee
$10.00 Per Person 13 and up

When do I pay the tournament entry fee? 
All Premier Prospects tournaments are first pay/first play. Your entry into an event is not complete until you have paid the entry fee or the gate fee. The division may sell out prior to the payment deadline. The number of available spots in a division may fluctuate depending on the needs of all divisions that share the same field size. If you choose to mail a check to avoid online credit card fees please call us and let us know, do not leave a message!
Mail to: Southern DFW Events, 110 Redman Ln, Waxahachie, Texas 75165.

Do we supply our own baseballs? 
PPS provides the baseballs for the entire tournament.

We play exclusively by the rules listed on the playNCS.com website.
We utilize outs instead of innings for pitching totals.
We allow -5 bats in 14u D2 and D3
We play all 13u events at 54/80 unless otherwise noted
We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds.

All Gold Bracket Champions and Finalist will receive NCS Championship Rings
All Silver Bracket Champions and Finalist will receive NCS Medals or Rings
All Brackets receive team Championship Banners

How do i submit a schedule request?
Please submit all schedule request using the schedule request tab on the event menu. We will take schedule request until the Tuesday evening prior to the event. You can block out a 4 hour block on Friday or Saturday that you cannot play only! Schedule request that are more restrictive than a 4 hour "no play" block will be difficult to accommodate but we will do our best!.
Example of a schedule request we will accept: We cannot play between 10am and 2pm on Saturday.
Example of a schedule request that we will have trouble accommodating: We cannot play before 4pm.
Teams must be prepared to play from Friday evening until Sunday evening, we will do our best to accommodate request.

Can we bring outside food and coolers?
Yes, participants and fans are allowed to bring outside food and coolers excluding alcohol.

Can we bring our pets or comfort animals to the tournament?
NO, you will be asked to leave the premises if you bring pets to a PPS event regardless of the facilities policies. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME!

When are our rosters locked and what do I do if a parents forgets/neglects to sign the waiver prior to the cutoff?
All rosters are locked on the Thursday evening prior to the event. All players must be listed on the public view teams page by the cutoff. Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff are not eligible to play! 

Behavior at the events
PPS has a zero tolerance policy towards disrespectful and adverse behavior. Any fan, parent, player or coach will be ejected from the event for adverse behavior towards a tournament official or umpire. 

Where will we play? 
PPS utilizes full turf, half turf, grass and skinned fields in and around the listed locations

Do I need team insurance?
Yes, if you did not buy your policy through National Championship Sports you must add NCS (entity below) as an additionally insured. You can do this free of charge by contacting your insurance provider. We must receive your insurance by the Thursday prior to the event (email to dylan@premierprospectssports.com)
National Championship Sports
2011 East Lamar Blvd
Suite 120
Arlington Texas 76006

Refund Policy 


# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Impact Baseball Club - Caruthers
Southlake, TX
11U D3 4-0-0
2 Indios
Wichita Falls, TX
11U D3 1-5-1
3 NTX Nemesis
Dallas, TX
11U D3 5-8-0
4 NTXBC Dirtbags
Keller, TX
11U D3 5-4-0
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Bad Company
Malakoff, TX
11U D3 13-19-0
Fort Worth, TX
11U D2 16-3-0
3 Southlake Dragons Pazera
Southlake, TX
11U D2 2-2-0
4 Texas Edge Pharr
11U D3 10-11-0
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 12u Fort Worth Aces
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 11-10-1
2 Colts BSBL
Rockwall, TX
12U D3 14-12-0
3 Cooperstown Cobras - Coursey
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 4-6-0
4 Dallas Beast Mode
Grand Prairie, TX
12U D3 14-7-1
5 Five Star Performance DFW - Clemens
Plano, TX
12U D2 12-5-1
6 Murder Hornets
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 1-5-0
7 Rawlings Velocity MX
Waxahachie, TX
12U D2 15-4-0
8 Texas Outlaws
12U D3 8-6-1
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Alliance
Athens, TX
12U D1 22-12-0
2 Blue Sox
Dallas, TX
12U D3 1-5-0
3 Texas Scrappers
The Colony, TX
12U D2 3-6-1
4 Texas Stix South
Cleburne, TX
12U D2 3-5-1
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 13u Fort Worth Aces Aragon
Fort Worth, TX
13U D2 15-6-1
2 TCBA Bandits
Hurst, TX
13U D3 0-3-0
3 The Express Baseball Club
Fort worth, TX
13U D3 9-18-1
4 USA Prime -Vazquez
Frisco, TX
13U D3 6-6-0
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 AB National / TxToros
Arlington, TX
14U D3 6-11-0
2 DBI Blacksox - 14U
Argyle, TX
14U D3 0-12-0
3 Indios Baseball 14U
Wichita Falls, TX
14U D3 0-3-0
4 Outlaws DC
Lantana, TX
14U D3 15-8-0
5 Southlake Dragons - Miller
Southlake, TX
14U D3 3-5-1
6 The Express Baseball Club
Arlington, TX
14U D3 12-32-2
7 The Express Baseball Club FW
Arlington, TX
14U D3 20-9-0
8 USA Prime 14u
Lewisville, TX
14U D3 3-11-0