Orange County, CA

Orange County

XDS World Series Orange County Week #2

Jul 21-26

Orange County, CA

08U - $995
09U - $1,195
10U - $1,195
11U - $1,295
12U - $1,295
13U - $1,295
14U - $1,295
16U - $1,350
18U - $1,450

5 Game Guarantee
4 pool play games into single elimination playoff
divisions & championship rounds (D1/D2/D3)
Most teams will play more than 5 games

Team March Around:
Team March Around in MLB Park in the Works!
Game tickets must be purchased for coaches
& players to participate in team march around.

World Series Rings for Champions/Finalists
Team Banners for
Team Trophy for

Our XDS Baseball World Series is going on its 13th consecutive year & continues to host teams from all over the western half of the United States coming to beautiful Southern California to compete for the title. It not only attracts teams from the Southern California area, but has brought teams from all over including areas like Arizona, Central California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Northern California, Tennessee, Texas, Utah & Washington just to name a few. Our goal for this event is not only to provide your team with a great tournament to play in & to play baseball, but to give your team an experience to enjoy while not playing baseball here to be able to participate in the many amazing things Southern California has to offer in beautiful weather!