NCS World Series

Grapevine, TX

Oak Grove Park

Don Myers 13th Annual(TSB)WORLD SERIES(EVEN AGE)

Jun 24-29

All TSB tournaments are FIRST PAY/FIRST PLAY.

The World Series is a stay to play event for out-of-town teams.

Entry Fee:

$495 - Coach Pitch (until 1/31/2022)

$595 - All Other Divisions (until 1/31/2022)

(Entry fee is non-refundable)

Gate Fee:

$75 per player on team roster (Due at Team Check-In)

Free to all fans and parents

(Team gate fee is non-refundable)


Thursday 6/23/2022 - Coaches Meeting and Team Check-In

     @ Grapevine Rec Center: 6pm

Mandatory Coaches Meeting and Team Check-In will take place in Oak Grove at the Grapevine Rec Center.

(Players do not have to attend Team Check-In)

Friday 6/24/2022 - Skills Competition

     @ Oak Grove Park in Grapevine: 1pm - 6pm 

Field A - 14U Home Run Derby

Field I - 14U Around the Horn and Fastest Man

Field G - 12U Home Run Derby

Field B - 12U Around the Horn and Fastest Man

Field C - 10U Home Run Derby

Field E - 10U Around the Horn and Fastest Man

Field F - 8U Home Run Derby

Field D - 8U Around the Horn and Fastest Man

All winners will be announced at Oak Grove Park on Saturday, 6/25/2022

Friday 6/24/2022 - Pin Trading

     @ Oak Grove Park in Grapevine: 1pm 

Pin Trading @ Oak Grove Park will begin at 1pm

Saturday and Sunday (6/25 - 6/26)

Pool Play

Monday and Tuesday (6/27 - 6/28)

Bracket Play

Wednesday (6/29)

Finals and Championship


What competitions will your team be participating in?

  • Home Run Derby (3 players required)
  • Around the Horn Squad (6 players required)
  • Fastest Man (max of 3)

Infield Around the Horn:

Each team gets two (2) attempts.

The pitcher will start from the pitching position.

The clock will start when he releases the ball.

The Pitcher will throw to the catcher.

The Catcher must step on Home Plate and then throw to 2nd Baseman.

The 2nd Baseman must step on 2nd Base and then throw to the 1st Baseman.

The 1st Baseman must step on 1st Base and then throw to the 3rd Baseman.

The 3rd Baseman must step on 3rd Base and then throw to the Shortstop.

The Shortstop must step on 2nd Base and then throw to the Catcher.

Once the Catcher receives the ball and steps on Home Plate the clock will stop.

Six (6) players per team will be allowed to participate.  

Team Home Run Derby:

Each team will be comprised of three players.

Each player gets (6) outs. 

The team provides pitchers and balls.

Anything not hit over the fence/home run line in fair territory is an out.

Any pitched ball not swung at is an out.

Once the batter is in the batter's box the pitcher cannot take warm-up pitches. All warm-up pitches must be before the batter gets in the box. 

Fastest Man:

Each contestant will start at home plate with their lead foot on the plate.

Time will start on the official’s mark.

The contestant will run the bases with time stopping when the contestant crosses the plate.

Each contestant will get 1 attempt. 

In the event of a tie, TSB points rankings will be used as the tiebreaker in any skills contest.


Each team will play 3 pool play games then enter a double elimination bracket based on pool play

seeding. Several brackets will be offered in each division to allow teams to play in a competitive

championship bracket.

(TSB reserves the right to change the format to finish the tournament in case of weather)


Official NCS BN200 baseballs must be used. Each team will receive 1 dozen baseballs at team

check-in. Additional baseballs will be available for sale at the event.


The Travel Sports Baseball World Series will be played in and around the City of Grapevine, Trophy

Club, and Colleyville, Texas. The TSBWS has always been played at the area's premier facilities. 


NCS World Series Rings for Champions and Finalists in all brackets. 

Checks Payable to:

Travel Sports Baseball

2011 E. Lamar Blvd

Suite 120

Arlington, TX 76006