Event Policies - OC Baseball California

Rain-out / Tournament Cancellation Policy:
In the event of an event being cancelled due to weather or any other unpreventable/unforeseen occurrence, teams will be issued a credit towards a future event. Schedules may be changed, games & events may be shortened in order to complete the event if possible. In the event of rain cancelling an event already in progress or if an event/division is completely canceled a team will receive credit based on the number of games played. To determine the credit owed to a team see criteria below:

1. No games played, a FULL CREDIT for a future event.
2. One game played, 1/2 CREDIT of entry fee.
3. Two games played NO CREDIT will be issued.

Every effort will be made to complete an event already in progress if possible. All credits must be used with same director of the cancelled event and are not transferable to another area, region or director.

Team Cancellations / Refund Policy:
No refunds will be issued at anytime after payment. Event host will hold a credit for a future event. Teams cancelling or dropping out of any, irregardless of their reason to drop out, event must notify the event director via email in writing, not via phone or text message.

1, 2 & 3 Day Events: Notification prior to 14 days of the event date, a full credit for a future event will be given. If you notify 7 to 14 days before, 50 percent of your fee will be credited for a future event. If you notify us fewer than 7 days before the event, no credit will be given.

World Series Events: Entry fees, deposits & lodging buyouts are non-refundable at any time for any reason & will be forfeited should a team drop out from a World Series event. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Notice of team that wants to drop out of an event they have entered must be given by the team manager or the business manager of team. If a team drops out of an event, past the cancellation deadline, team will forfeit in full their team entry fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No drops will be accepted once a division is "Sold Out" at any time. Any team dropping out before the deadline will receive a full credit for a future event.

Note: Credits are at the sole discretion of the director and are awarded normally under only the most severe circumstances on a team to team basis. In the event that a team is given a future team credit that credit must be used by same team (no exceptions) **Any and all entry fee credits must be used within the same current season (which they are granted) or within 180 (6 months) calendar days, which ever comes first, otherwise the credit becomes void. Credits must also be used by the same team (non-transferable) and with the same event director that you were originally scheduled to play with.

*Credit Card Processing fees are not refundable as we do not receive them when you submit payment with a credit card.

Field locations & tournament format
NCS reserves the right to change field site locations & event format whenever necessary.

Event Facilities Disclaimer

Outdoor/Indoor facilities or parks such as baseball, softball, soccer fields or parks, and basketball courts by their design and use have inherent hazards such as, but not limited to:

  • uneven and variable walking surfaces, seating, and standing areas and bleachers that vary by design, construction, and condition.
  • risks of injury from colliding with other persons, slipping, or falling on walking surfaces, bleachers, and stairways, and tripping over unknown objects which other persons may have left or discarded on the premises.
  • risk of injury from wayward flying objects that may be thrown or struck such as balls, bats, gloves, and other items that may not be reasonably foreseeable.
  • Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators may damage the premises or create hazards at any time without the knowledge of NCS.

This list of risks is not and cannot be all inclusive. There may be other risks that can injure you. Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators should always pay attention to the action at hand and be alert for objects headed their way and should listen to public announcements regarding safety during the event. Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators are responsible for their own safety while on these premises. If you do not wish to assume the risk of harm while attending an event conducted by NCS then do not enter the facility or park. NCS and the owners of any facility or park will not be responsible if a player, coach, team personnel, or spectator is injured at a sporting event at any facility or park.