Background Check Q & A's

Q:  Who must background check?

   A:  Anyone that has an account as an Admin, Head Coach or Assistant Coach

Q: I just had a background check with another organization. Can I use that check?

   A: You may have a “Pass” result; however, it is against the law to share the sensitive details of a background check with another entity.

Q: Why will an organization not take a “Pass” the result from another entity?

   A: Law requires that we review all criteria of an applicant before a determination is made. Simply taking another organization’s work is not acceptable.

Q: Why are organizations implementing a background check policy?

   A: Senate Bill 534 / Safe Sport Act mandates all organizations background check for all adults ages 19+ for all youth events.

Q: Why is NCS implementing background checks now?

   A: We are fulfilling the mandatory requirement for liability insurance and facility requirements for SAM (Sexual Abuse and Molestation) policies.   NCS must background check to fulfill our SAM requirement for insurance purposes.

Q: Can a person that has submitted to a background check have to wait to work in their NCS account?

   A: No, we have developed a plan to let the account holders continue in their accounts as their background checks are processing.

Q: How often do I have to do a background check?

   A: Once each seasonal year (August 1 – July 31)