Adult Slowpitch Rules



SANDBAGGERS BEWARE - We will kick you out if you're not playing in the proper division. Read our Rankings Page and come legal!

Manager/Coach: You are responsible to follow our website, bring a legal team, read our rules and EVENT INFO page in case of changes to the events you have entered.

Make sure the team you created in our website has valid email address and cell phone as we also will email and/or text updates from time to time.

Some Tournaments and Tournament Directors require upfront payment, make sure your team shows as confirmed after you have paid, if you are not showing confirmed please contact listed Director ASAP!

DO NOT spend money on flights, hotels rooms and car rentals before paying your ENTRY FEE and confirming you have an official spot in the tournament.

Please check the tournament website EVENT INFO page or with the tournament director of the event you are playing.

FYI - There are certain NCS directors and tournaments that will have special or different rules and awards depending on the region/location and type of tournament.

Please check the tournament website EVENT INFO page or with the tournament director of the event you are playing.

Some of our special events include but are not limited to:

Memorial events, Overnighters , Las Vegas Worlds, BONEYARD BLAST, Dublin Dirty, Toys-4-Tots, etc. Most of these events sell out fast! Get payment in before we are sold out or you may not make it into the tournament.


Make sure your team is legal... Just because you are new to NCS doesn't mean you can play in any division you choose. Please use common sense and play in the division that corresponds to your team's skill level.

Read our ranking information here and email us back if you have questions 



  • Teams must register annually here at our website. Once you are registered, you as the manager can create and edit your team(s). The annual $65 registration fee is non-refundable.


Teams must add an online roster before they play in their first event.

Players have issues getting email to accept being on your roster. = If the team invite email is blocked by firewalls or other security settings players can go to and create a profile.

The invite will be in their profile as long as they use the same email you used to send it to them.


  • Available Spots Example
    •           If your division shows 12 available spots, that is just our ideal amount of teams we'd like for that division. This DOES NOT guarantee we will end up with 12 teams in that division.
    •          If other divisions are filling up and have teams waiting to get in, we won't turn those teams down. We will open up more spots in those divisions to get them in and we will lower the totals in your division since they are getting more paying teams. If you get calls, texts, and email warning you to get payment in ASAP, please take them seriously if you'd like to play.


  • Some of our special events may require a deposit or full payment in advance. These payments are non-refundable unless you withdraw from the event well before the deadline, we somehow couldn't get you in the tournament, or if an agreement is made to refund your money.
  • Standard Tournament: All teams must pay any balance owed IN CASH along with having an on-line roster before taking the field.
  • If we do not receive full payment at game time or deadline, you will forfeit… PERIOD! (if you need roster help, please email
  • If you have a credit from a previous event or season, you must enter your event of choice and then email the proper director to apply the credit before the event deadline or when the event of choice is sold out. Don't assume you are automatically confirmed for any tournaments.


  • If we reach out to any team and they do not get back to us in a timely manner, we reserve the right to pull them out of any event that they have not made payment for. Please make sure we have your team's proper email address and cell phone number (NOT A LAND-LINE) so we can get ahold of you, if needed.


  • Any team name that is explicit or offensive will be modified by our site administrator.
  • We completely agree with free speech and we will allow for an appeal but, keep in mind, this is also a business and we do not want to alienate anyone based on race, sex, gender, or religion.
  • Please also keep in mind that team names are posted on many different publicly posted online sites and must meet reasonable guidelines.


  • Just because your online roster shows approved, this doesn't mean your team is legal. This just means your roster has at least 10 people added. You still have to take the next step to verify your team fits into the division you have signed up for. Click here to go to our RANKINGS page.


  • MENS, WOMENS, and COED - Do yourself a favor and make sure you are legal for NCS events before you arrive. If you show up to a tournament and get protested and by our rankings / guidelines and you are playing in a division where your players are illegal, you will be dropped from the tournament or have to spot runs. Please contact us if you feel you might be in violation of playing in a division you shouldn't be and we will gladly help. :-)
  • OPEN DIVISIONS – No player restrictions
  • C DIVISION - No more than (3) “B” players MAX (no “A” or higher ranked players allowed)
  • D DIVISION – No more than (3) C players,  (no B or Higher players allowed)
  • E DIVISION – No more than (3) “D” players MAX (no “C” or higher ranked players allowed)
  • REC DIVISION – No more than (3) “E” players MAX (no “D” or higher ranked players allowed)
  • REC is REC and not for teams with multiple tournament victories!
  • PROTECTORS (Click Me)

·         All Players must be able to show a legal photo ID at all times (must be 18 years of age or older). You must have your photo ID on yourself, in your bat bag, or on the park/complex’s property. In some circumstances, we will allow a player to make a run to their car in the parking lot but will not allow any travel or a wait time of over 3 min or so. Rostered names and DOB's must Match ID

·         Driver’s License is what we use for determining Men's or Women's eligibility - If DL states male or nonbinary, player is only allowed to play as a man for our events, If DL states female, player is only allowed to play as a woman for our events etc.


·         NO SANDBAGGING/NO CHEATING: If we find out you are only an ASA, NSA, USSSA etc. team and you sandbag into a lower division, we may decide to remove you from our event at any time. PLEASE PLAY IN THE DIVISION EQUAL TO YOUR RANKING IN THE ASSOCIATION YOU PLAY IN REGULARLY. (i.e., if you are a "D" team in ASA, you should be playing "D" in our NCS tournaments. If you feel you cannot compete at the same level, email us for re-classification request)

·         Players may petition for re-class at any time before October 15th:

·         This must be done by filling out our Player Re-class Petition Form

Coaches for team re-class email / players to get ranked with NCS email or reach out to your local NCS director


  • You will want to first check here at our PLAYER RANKING PAGE . If the player is not listed on our site, then go to on your computer go into Slowpitch site and check for athletes or player search section.


  • Any cancellation/withdrawal (for any reason what-so-ever) must occur prior to the tournament being SOLD OUT or prior to 4pm the Tuesday before the event, whichever comes first. We will do our best to let teams know when a tournament is sold out but this might not happen for every event due to our workload.
  • Please send us an email to let us know of your team's withdrawal before the above drop dead dates. When you do, you still must get a confirmation email back from the respective tournament director in order for you to be off the hook for your entry fee. If you don't get a confirmation email back the same day as your request, please make a call to the listed tournament director on the website to make sure they received your withdrawal request. 
  • Should your team cancel AFTER the specified drop dead dates listed above, your team is still responsible for the entire entry fee of the tournament unless a replacement team can be found. If a replacement team is found and pays in full, the team will only be responsible for a $50 administration charge. Again, if a replacement team is not found, the team will have to pay their entire entry fee.
  • Unpaid entry fees will result in the team and each individual player being placed on our associations’ Suspended Lists until payment is made in full. Manager is responsible for payment. If a player wants to be removed from suspension, they can pay their share of 10% of total amount owed.


***BE AWARE*** In the case of State, Regional, National, NIT, All Nighters, Toys-4-Tots, and/or World events, the SOLD OUT date can be up to 4 weeks in advance so the deadline to withdraw your team from these events could be a month before the start of the tournament.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation by notifying all tournament directors well in advance should your team withdraw from a tournament. 


Rostered players on the 1st Place World Championship Teams will be automatically bumped for the following season.

  • In the "E" division, approximately 10-15% of the top finishing team's players will be bumped
  • In the "D" division, approximately 10% of the top finishing teams's players will be bumped
  • In the "C" division, approximately 10% of the top finishing teams's players will be bumped
  • Keep in mind, even teams that don't play in our World Series are subject to being reclassed at any time if NCS feels you are a strong enough team to compete in a higher division



  • DUDLEY is our official NCS ball and the ONLY MANUFACTURER OF BALL THAT WE ALLOW... 12 inch balls for the MEN and an 11 inch balls for the WOMEN.
    • All Game Balls must be NCS STAMPED DUDLEY BALLS and must be OPTIC YELLOW in color
    • Men's divisions can hit any 12" NCS DUDLEY STAMPED BALL (If available) except for the Senior ball (44/525)
    • Women's divisions can hit any 11" NCS DUDLEY STAMPED BALL (If available)
    • COED divisions can hit any NCS DUDLEY STAMPED BALL except for the Senior Ball (44/525). Men's must hit the 12" ball and Women's must hit the 11" ball
    • Senior divisions can hit any NCS DUDLEY STAMPED BALL
    • If a team is caught throwing in an illegal ball by the opposing team or umpire, the penalties will be as follows:
      • 1st time – Warning / 2nd time – Batter is OUT / 3rd time – Game is FORFEITED     
  • Teams must provide two legal balls to the umpire at the plate meeting before each game and must make sure the umpire has two legal balls at all times
  • Please write your team name on your own balls so foul balls can get returned to the correct team
  • Umpires or TDs have the right to pull any ball from any game at any time (we will return balls after event's conclusion or when team is eliminated from play). They also have the right to make teams share balls to prevent unfair play if they feel any balls may be at an advantage or throw in NCS balls if applicable.
  • We "DO NOT" always supply balls so be prepared to bring your own balls

ALTERED BALLS (Illegal for NCS play)

  • Any ball that has had its original manufactured physical structure changed in any way or balls that have been frozen, micro-waved, heated, melted, cooled, re-stitched, or the surface has been modified to be rougher or softer, etc.


  • All bats must have USSSA, NSA, USA, or ASA stamp (No senior, baseball, or fastpitch bats allowed) We don't have a banned bat list.
  • The REC divisions can swing ASA bats as well.
  • No bat is legal for NCS play if it is badly worn, abused, damaged, altered, or shaved. Bats shall not have rough or sharp edges, or anything that would present a hazard.
  • No bat is legal if there is an excessive foreign substance on the barrel or taper of a bat. (i.e., too much pine tar, stick-em type products, etc.)
  • NCS Umpires or Directors reserve the right to remove any bat we feel is altered, damaged, or made to enhance ball/bat performance. We will take the bat for that game and return it upon the end of the game with the mutual understanding it will not be used for the remainder of the tournament. If the bat is caught being used a second time, the player using the bat at that time will be ejected from the tournament and will be asked to leave the park/complex. If a player refuses to give up the bat for the remainder of the game, he/she will be removed from the tournament and park/complex as well.
  • Coaches of adult teams which have multiple offenses under these rules may be suspended for failing to have his or her team follow NCS rules.


  • Metal spikes of any kind are prohibited in NCS tournaments
  • Tennis shoes, rubber /plastic cleats, and turf shoes are all approved to wear in NCS tournaments. No flip-flops, sandals, or Crocs allowed for safety purposes.


ALL PITCHERS MUST WEAR A PROTECTIVE HELMET NOT JUST A FACE MASK! Pitchers are also strongly encouraged to also wear full protective gear including shin guards, wrist guards, and chest/heart protection.

  • Any player other than the pitcher may wear a protective mask/helmet to prevent injury and is strongly recommended
  • Infielders - Highly recommended to wear the same as a pitcher and encouraged to play deep in the infield.


  • All exposed jewelry or items that are judged to be hazardous or potentially dangerous by the umpire or director may not be worn during the game


  • Due to safety concerns, at no time can a camera, audio, or video device be worn or used by an umpire, player, or coach on the field of play. Any exception must be approved the NCS National Office.


  •  All players can choose to use first baseman’s mitt at any position


All teams agree to our rules upon entering our tournaments.

Always check the EVENT INFO page regularly for tournament updates. Always double check brackets regularly for any changes for the event you enter.


  • 60 minutes (Championship Game is 70 minutes)
  • Some events may have longer or shorter game times so please the check the specific event website/page or director before the start of play
  • In the rare event that we have an extreme time crunch, we may have to bypass the "if" game. The Championship Game will be a winner-take-all game whether you are undefeated or not
  • All teams must be prepared to play 15 minutes before your scheduled game time. If the umpire and the other team is ready to go and you are not, there could be a forfeit so be there 15 min early and ready to play
  • 3GG we may use pool play followed by double elimination, or our new 3gg bracket with Gold Bracket / Silver for 0-2 and some 1-2 teams. We may rarely also use play 2 pool play + single elimination - depending on time constraints.
  • The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify game times, playing locations, or tournament structure due to field conditions, time constraints, safety issues, team count, or inclement weather


  • Once the umpire physically starts the clock or verbally announces the clock has started, the home team must take the field within two minutes and the visiting team must be ready to bat once the pitcher is ready to throw the first pitch. Any team caught delaying the start of the game for any reason, will be docked in the following way: (1) run will be docked against the team delaying the start of the game after the end of the 3rd minute, an additional run will be docked against the team delaying the start of the game after the 4th minute, and a forfeit will be called against the team delaying the start of the game after the 5th minute. Also, any team not having at least 8 players to start the game (once the clock starts or once the umpire verbally announces the clock has started) will be forced to forfeit the game. NCS, our directors, and our officials appreciate your help in helping us keep the games on time so we can provide our players with the best possible playing experience. 


  • There will be a maximum of one mound visit per inning and two mound visits per game.
  • If you do not follow this policy your team is subject to losing run's, out's of a forfieture of the game..


  • Shall consist of seven innings, or the end of the time limit, or the end of the innings advertised.
  • In a bracket-only type event, a COIN FLIP will determine the home team throughout the event until the Championship Game. The undefeated team will always have the choice to take visitor or home but if the bracket goes to an "if" game, there will be a coin flip to determine the home team. 

  • If a division starts with POOL PLAY, the pool play portion of the event will have a coin flip to determine the home team in each game. Once the division gets into the bracket portion, the higher seed in the WINNER'S BRACKET will be the home team. Once teams lose and enter the LOSER'S BRACKET, they lose their seed and a coin flip will always determine the home team. The undefeated team in the Championship Game will always have the choice to be visitor or home. If the game goes into the "if" game, a coin flip would then determine the home team.

RUN SPOTTING (We may not run spot or mix divisions at State, Regional, National, and World Events)

  • Run Spotting is mandatory for all teams that are due runs. There is no option for coaches to not take the runs if their team is playing a higher level team
  • When a lower-level team plays a higher ranked team, the home run rule will be leveled
  • The full number of runs spotted will be given at the start of game and not per inning (typically 5 runs per division we may choose more or less runs if director feels it's warranted)
  • We do not allow teams that are two or more divisions higher to play any of our E or REC teams

In most of our events, we will not combine divisions. If we do combine divisions to get enough teams to have a competitive tournament and we end up having more than one upper-level team, they will play a separate championship if time allows. In some cases, they will play through and run spot the entire event. If there ends up being just one upper-level team in the tournament or one team in your division, the said team may not be eligible for championships or awards and can only play in our pool play portion of the event.


       If 3 or less teams are in a division, we may mix with other divisions and we will use a run spot to help balance play. If we get enough in each division, we will not mix divisions.



  • There will be no team jumping at the same tournament. Players can't play on two teams in same division.
  • Men can only play on (1) Men’s team (Open, D, or E) and (1) Coed team (Open, D, or E) but can also play in the 40’s division, as well. Men cannot play in the women’s division.
  • Women can only play on (1) Women’s team (Open, D, or E) and (1) Coed team (Open, D, or E) but can also play in the 40's division, as well. Women cannot play in the men's division.
  • 40 & Over Players can only play on one 40's team not AAA and Major etc.
  • If on multiple rosters, a player can still only play on one team in same division for each event and must stick to team he/she starts with.

*** Players caught jumping teams will be ejected from the tournament, the game will be forfeited, and the team in question may also be kicked out of tournament! ***


Please check tournament Page/Website for specific HR rules for tournament entered.



  • MENS OPEN – 10
  • MENS C - 8
  • MENS D – 4
  • MENS E – 2
  • MENS REC - 1
  • WOMENS C - 3
  • WOMENS D – 1
  • WOMENS E - 0
  • COED OPEN – 7 
  • COED D - 3
  • COED C - 6
  • COED E - 2
  • COED REC - 1
  • PROTECTORS (B) - 8
  • PROTECTORS (A) - 10


  • 20 after 3 innings / 15 after 4 innings / 10 after 5 innings (“C” and above divisions will be 12 runs after 5 innings instead of 10 runs).
  • FLIP FLOP RULE is in effect once you hit the 3rd inning.
  • POOL PLAY ONLY…. For seeding purposes, the max run differential is 15 runs.

TIE-BREAKER RULE (For Seeding Purposes)

Ties will be broken in the following order:

  • Total Record
  • Head to head with only 2 teams tied
  • Run differential (15 runs MAX per game)
  • Runs Allowed
  • Runs scored
  • NCS Points ranking
  • Automated coin flip

(All games that are tied at the end of the time limit or allotted innings in pool play will end in a tie)

Extra Innings / International Tie Breaker Rule

Last batted out starts at 2B / You may use a courtesy runner 


  • The home team and the umpire are responsible for working together to keep an accurate score.
  • If the home team does not have a complete book but the visiting team does, we will have the umpire coordinate with the visiting team to keep the accurate score. (Umpire has final say)


  • All teams MUST have eight players present in order to start the game. If playing COED, half or more of your starting lineup must be women.
  • If you know players will be late and you know you want them in your lineup, you have the option to have them in your starting lineup but you must take an out if they are not present to hit when they are due up in the lineup.
  • In order to add a player to your lineup after the start of the game, the additional player(s) must arrive before their turn in the lineup and be on roster. Once you hit once through your lineup, you can't add any other players to your lineup. If players arrive late, they can be substitutes but can't be added to the lineup as an additional player.
  • If you must play shorthanded, you WILL NOT have to take an automatic out.


  • Teams can bat as many players as there are on your roster but must finish the game with same amount you start with or take an out for players who do not finish.
  • The opposing team and umpire must have the right to know how many you are batting.


  • MENS AND WOMENS TEAMS – There is one courtesy runner allowed per inning and the pitcher can also always use a courtesy runner, as well (this allows time for them to get their pitcher's gear on). This can be any player on the team roster, and it does not count as a substitution move. If your courtesy runner is on base when it is their time to hit, you would have to take an out UNLESS you have a sub on the bench that can substitute in for the original batter that the courtesy runner came in to run for. That would then remove the courtesy runner from the bag without penalty and they could hit in their place in the lineup.
  • COED TEAMS – We allow one courtesy runner per inning….  per gender…. and the pitcher can also always have a courtesy runner, as well (this allows the pitcher to get their pitcher's gear on). Men must run for men and women must run for women. This can be any player on the team roster, and it does not count as a substitution move. If your courtesy runner is on base when it is their time to hit, you would have to take an out UNLESS you have a sub of the same gender on the bench that can substitute in for the original batter that the courtesy runner came in to run for. That would then remove the courtesy runner from the bag without penalty and they could hit in their place in the lineup.


On a routine ground ball, fly out, pop-up, etc. If the batter clearly gives up and heads towards their dugout and the ball is dropped or an error is made, the batter will be called out if they try to advance to first base for desertion.


  • Coed teams must play at least equal number of women as men (4M/4W, 5M/5W, 6M/6W, etc.) but can choose to play more women than men. Never more men than women.
  • If a team starts with equal men and women and a woman gets injured, gets ejected, or has to leave the game for any reason, the team must remove a male player to make it an even number of men and women. At no time can a team have more men than women hitting in the lineup or playing in the field. If this happens, the girl will take an out the next time through the lineup and the guy that bats before or after her (the team's choice) will have to be removed from the game and will have to take an out his next time up. No additional outs will be taken when they come up subsequent times. (Exception: Ejected Players an out will be taken the entire length of the game)
  • NO WATERFALLING LINEUPS - If a team wants to hit more women than men, the team can either lead off with a man or a woman but once the men run out at the bottom of the lineup, you must hit the rest of the women before the first man comes back up to back. (for example... If a team is hitting 5 men and 7 women and wants to lead off with one of the men, the lineup would look like this... Man, woman, man, woman, man, woman, man, woman, man, woman, woman, woman... then the lineup would start at the top again)
  • Women will hit the small ball


  • The pitching area shall be the area the width of the pitcher’s mound (usually 24 inches) up to six feet behind the back edge of the pitcher’s mound
  • Pitchers - Must wear a protective helmet not just face mask! Pitchers are strongly encouraged to also wear full protective gear including shin guards, wrist guards, and chest/heart protection.
  • Before the first pitch, the batter has automatic time out until he or she is set in the box (one pitch only)            
  • Pitchers have five seconds to release the ball after presenting
  • Pitchers may pitch from up to six feet behind the rubber but must come set before release
  • Each at bat starts with a one ball – one strike (1 & 1) count with no extra fouls
  • A strike zone will be used with no mat
  • The height restrictions will be a minimum of 4 feet from the ground up to a maximum of 10 feet from the ground
  • Pumping/Juking will be allowed except in our REC division
  • A caught foul ball on the third strike is a live ball. The play is not dead, and runners can try and advance
  • A pitcher will not be allowed to use tape or any other substance, including a glove, upon the pitching hand or fingers of their pitching hand
  • No foreign substance can be applied to the ball at any time
  • At the start of a game or when a pitcher relieves another pitcher, not more than one minute may be used to deliver not more than three practice pitches to the catcher or some other teammate.


  • After assuming the pitching position on the pitcher’s mound or in the pitching area, the pitcher must present the ball in FRONT OF HIS BODY (for at least one second) in either one or both hands before starting the delivery motions. (Note: All pitching rules that apply to the pitcher’s actions before and during the release of the pitch along with the restrictions on height, speed, etc., shall remain the same.)
  • The pitcher may hold or grip the ball in any manner before delivery.
  • Only a definite underhand motion is permitted in the delivery of the pitch.
  • The pitcher may release the pitched ball in any manner when delivering the pitch. This includes all types of delivery.
  • After the pitcher presents the ball, he may make any windup or arm motions desired, either in front of his body, above his head or behind his back, including stops and pauses in these motions.
  • The pitched ball must be released within 5 seconds from the time the pitcher has the ball, and the batter has taken his position in the batter’s box. From this point, the umpire shall not give a call or signal for “time” unless something unusual occurs.
  • The pitcher must face home plate on delivery of pitch.
  • Realizing that the pitcher does not fool very many batters to the extent that they cannot hit the ball, it is desired that pitchers not be handicapped by technicalities, when they do develop a new technique or delivery that, perhaps, will add to the pleasure and appeal to the spectators if the pitcher adheres to the basic pitching rules.


  • The ball must be pitched in a definite underhanded motion at slow speed.
  • A pitched ball must have an arc and be at least 4 feet off the ground and not rise higher than 10 feet off the ground after leaving the pitcher’s hand and before it passes any part of home plate.
  • The speed of the pitch and height of the pitched ball are left entirely to the judgment of the umpire. Any doubtful pitch should be ruled as an unfairly delivered pitch. The umpire shall warn a pitcher who delivers a pitch with excessive speed. If the pitcher continues to deliver excessive speed pitches, this can lead to the pitcher’s removal from the pitcher’s position for the remainder of the game.
  • A pitch that does not reach 4 feet as required (flat level pitch) may not be deemed an excessive speed pitch but merely an unfairly delivered pitch.
  • The catcher must remain in the lines of the catcher’s box when the pitcher is in position and remain there until a pitched ball has reached or passed home plate or is batted.


  • Base distances of 70 ft are standard (65 ft bases may be used at TD’s or parks discretion) 


  • A batter is deemed to be in the batter's box if at least one foot is in the batter's box from the anticipation of the pitch to contact with the ball


  • Men and Women's Divisions - one base allowed on a walk
  • COED Divisions - Men take two bases and women take one base (when walking a male, the woman hitting behind them has the option to take a walk every time (no stealing))


  • If a batted ball hits a runner that is not touching a base, the batter is out and the runners return to their previous base. If a batted ball hits a runner standing on a base, the ball is LIVE


  • A player has the option, when standing on first or third base with a pull-hitter up to bat, to stand off the base while the pitch is being delivered up to the point at which the batter is making contact. Once contact is made, the runner must re-touch the base before continuing onto the next base. This is to add an element of safety for the runner. If the runner is off the base and does not re-touch before being tagged, they are out. 


  • If a ball thrown by a defensive player inadvertently hits an offense player or a bat that is outside the dugout, the closest runner to home plate is out (the on-deck batter and bat are live and are not included in this scenario)


  • If the defensive team has a player or bat outside the dugout and they/it gets hit by thrown ball, the ball is dead, and all runners advance one base.
  • If the offensive team’s batter or bat gets hit by a thrown ball, the closest runner to home plate is out.


  • Occurs when a ball is hit fair or foul when both feet of the batter are in contact with the ground COMPLETELY outside the lines of the batter’s box, or when his foot is in contact with home plate, or when the ball is batted with an illegal bat. Also of note: No Intentional infield hits/poopies/bunts. This will result in a called out!


  • Occurs when a fielder catches a batted or thrown ball with a mask, a cap, or with any part of his clothing detached from the proper position on the fielder’s body. If this happens, the ball will be determined to be live on a batted ball and if a thrown ball is caught with these items, each runner will advance one base.


  • Making the motions of a tag without the ball. This may be considered obstruction and the offender may be ejected.


  • A batted ball that goes directly from the bat not higher than the batter’s head (this is only an out on the third strike).

DUGOUT RULES (Without Covid Restrictions)

  • All players must stay in dugout or in an out of play area. We allow (1) on deck hitter to be out of the dugout.
  • No alcohol and/or smoking/vaping of any kind is allowed in the dugout or in the field of play
  • NO Loud or vulgar music


  • NO “F” bombs
  • NO throwing the bat
  • NO taunting
  • NO loud or vulgar music inside the parks 
  • NO abuse
    (any violations to these rules could result in immediate ejection from the game and/or the tournament)
  • Director has the right to remove any team or players at any time for violations!


  • If (3) players from same team get ejected in the same game the entire team is removed from the tournament.


  • POOL PLAY – Forfeits during pool play games will be scored as a 15-0 game in the OPEN and D divisions and a 10-0 game in the E and REC divisions.
  • BRACKET PLAY – Any forfeit in bracket play will be scored as a 7-0 game in all divisions
  • Teams do not get a refund if you run into a forfeit


  • Only managers can talk to the umpire or the on site director regarding issues during a game. If a manager is unsure on a ruling from the on-field umpire, please find the tournament director immediately. Do not wait until the game ends because it will be too late to possibly fix the situation. (Tournament Director’s Decision is Final) No Sandbagging - We do not need to wait for a protest before removing illegal teams or players from our events!


* NCS Directors have the right to suspend any players or teams from play at anytime for abuse or any unsportsmanlike conduct!


  • Player/substitute, manager, coach, trainer, or other team member or umpire who is bleeding or who has an open wound shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until the bleeding is stopped and the wound covered.
  • If treatment can be administered in a reasonable amount of time, the individual would not have to leave the game. The amount of time is determined by the umpire’s judgment. If excessive time is involved, the re-entry rule would apply to players.
  • If there is an excessive amount of blood on the uniform or if a bandage becomes blood soaked, in the judgment of the umpire, the uniform/bandage must be changed before the individual may participate.
  • A player who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems), we highly recommend the player and/or coach remove them from the game and take them to the hospital.


  • If a player gets injured and needs to come out of the game, their next at bat will be considered an out and all subsequent at bats will be skipped with no out taken.


  • When a player is ejected from the game, all their subsequent at bats will be considered outs, if no sub is available.


  • There is no penalty for unannounced re-entry or substitutions.


  • The act of an improper re-entry is handled as a protest by the offended team. Improper re-entry is a violation after a pitch is made. Examples of improper re-entry are:
  • o    Starter who re-enters in an incorrect batting position.

o    Starter who re-enters a second time.

o    A substitute who re-enters the game.

  • If an improper re-entry is discovered by the defense while the player is playing offensively, the following penalties will be enforced:
    • If the improper re-entry is discovered while he is at bat, player is ejected, and a proper substitute assumes any accumulated balls and strikes.
    • If the improper re-entry is discovered after he has completed his time at bat, but before a pitch has been made to a succeeding batter, he is called out, and the player is ejected from the game. All base runners, if they have advanced, must return to the base occupied at the time the improper re-entry took a position in the batter’s box.
    • If the improper re-entry is not discovered until a pitch is made to the next batter or the improper re-entry enters as a substitute runner, the player is ejected. All play that occurred while the improper re-entry was in the game will stand.

  • If an improper re-entry is discovered by the offense while the player is playing defensively, the following penalties will be enforced:
    • If the improper re-entry is discovered after he makes a play on a fair-batted ball (catch or throw) or a play on a foul fly ball before the next pitch, revert to the previous pitch, the batter and each base runner are advanced one base. The improper player is ejected. If the improper re-entry is discovered after a pitch, which did not result in a batted ball on which the improper player made a play, the improper player is ejected (this includes the pitcher)



ROSTER PROTESTS MUST BE INITIATED/REQUESTED BEFORE THE LAST OUT OF THE 3RD INNING (unless there is proof an illegal player entered after the 3rd inning)


*Protests and illegal players are not always cut and dry. We will also use common sense when making a protest ruling. (Tournament Director's decision will be final) 


  • Checking (1) player that you know is ranked higher than the allowable player matrix (for example... a protest of a “C” player playing illegally in the “E” division. You would point out the player in question, we would ask for their ID, and then check the player to see if they are legal or not based on our rules. If they are found to be illegal, the team will forfeit that game, the illegal player will be kicked out of the tournament, and the team may continue in the tournament)
  • Checking (4) chip players that you know are above the allowable limit of chip players (for example... a protest of a team having too many “D” chip players playing in an “E” tournament. You would point out the four players in question, we would ask for all their ID’s, and then check each of them to see if they were counted as chip players based on our rules. If we find the team is in violation of having too many chip players, the team will forfeit that game, will be asked to remove a chip player from their roster, and the team will be allowed to continue in the tournament)
  • Full roster ID check to see if all players are listed on the roster before the first game (this is NOT an online player ranking protest) (for example... a protest to prove a player playing in the game is not on the roster that is posted online either publicly or in our back-end at We would pull the roster, ask for all of the ID’s for the players, and make sure they are all listed on the roster. If we find players in the game that are not on the roster, the team will forfeit that game, and the team will be allowed to continue in the tournament)


  • Any rain out, Acts of God, or Global crisis that causes us to have to cancel an event before or during tournament play will result in a CREDIT based on the games played (i.e. if playing in a $400 4GG tournament and only (1) game gets played, a $300 credit will be issued for a future tournament. If (2) games were played, a $200 credit, and so on. The credit is only good for tournaments run by the same director group and will expire if not used within (2) years of original entry date). 
  • If the full game guarantee is met for the tournament (including forfeits), no credits or refunds will be given.

 (Once a game starts, it is considered a played game)

  • If the cancellation occurs during the pool play portion of a tournament, no awards will be handed out.
  • If a cancellation occurs during the bracket play portion of the tournament, awards will be handled as follows:
    • Awards will be awarded if there is a clear-cut winner of the tournament (i.e., If there is an undefeated team playing a team from the loser’s bracket in the Championship game, the awards will be given as 1st for the undefeated team and 2nd to the loser’s bracket team, etc.)
    • Awards will not be awarded if there is no clear-cut winner of the tournament (i.e., If the bracket has just started and there are multiple games remaining with no clear-cut winner)

Awards Details: (Basic events not always exact)

  • Top finishing team will win awards if we have 2-4 teams in your division.
  • Top 2 finishing teams will win awards with 5 or more teams in your division. 
  • Top 3 finishing teams will win awards with 20 or more teams in your division.
  • Top 4 finishing teams will win awards with 40+ teams in your division.

(During a standard softball event, we will give out 13 sets of jerseys or hats or whatever is the award of choice that weekend. For Worlds, we will give out 15 sets since teams are usually larger for this big event.)


  •  NCS has standard park rules during tournament play which include but are not limited to the following:
    • NO alcohol / NO Smoking / NO glass containers / NO loud or vulgar music
  • There are always going to be PARK SPECIFIC rules that each city sets forth so please check the city’s park website to check on the following additional rules:
    • NO dogs at most parks - Some parks may allow dogs on a leash so make sure you check the website to make sure it is ok before you bring them out / NO scooters / NO bikes / NO skateboards / NO sunflower seeds

Player Re-class Request Form