Flower Mound, TX

Bakersfield Park

Keep Calm & Baseball On - Fall Classic

Oct 23-25, 2020


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 OKEUS - 9U 2-0-0 5 34 1550
2 Keller Indians 2-0-0 10 38 750
3 Texas Rattlers - Cordell 2-0-0 14 35 150
4 Keller Falcons 1-1-0 12 12 200
5 TCR 9U Select Bobcats- Mercer 1-1-0 23 10 300
6 Bison Baseball 9u 1-1-0 25 16 400
7 Wildcat Baseball 0-2-0 21 18 1000
8 Coppell Cowboys Black - Meyer 0-2-0 25 4 0
9 Lake Highlands Warriors 0-2-0 38 6 50

9U D3 9U D3

9U D3
8 Coppell Cowboys Black - Meyer 2
Sunday 8:00 AM
Bakersfield Park #1
9 Lake Highlands Warriors 17
1 OKEUS - 9U 9
Sunday 12:00 PM
Bakersfield Park #1
Lake Highlands Warriors 3
4 Keller Falcons 13
Sunday 10:00 AM
Bakersfield Park #1
5 TCR 9U Select Bobcats- Mercer 5
2 Keller Indians 11
Sunday 12:00 PM
Bakersfield Park #2
7 Wildcat Baseball 10
3 Texas Rattlers - Cordell 11
Sunday 10:00 AM
Bakersfield Park #2
6 Bison Baseball 9u 26
OKEUS - 9U 12
Sunday 2:00 PM
Bakersfield Park #1
Keller Falcons 0
Keller Indians 13
Sunday 2:00 PM
Bakersfield Park #2
Bison Baseball 9u 9
OKEUS - 9U 15
Sunday 4:00 PM
Bakersfield Park #1
Keller Indians 1

Saturday 5:14 AM: GREAT NEWS, Wagon Wheel Park is OPEN. We will Play Ball as scheduled today! Bundle Up! See you at the ballfields! And don't forget to stop by the concession stands at Bakersfield Park and Wagon Wheel to enjoy your favorite ballpark meals! Bakersfield will feature Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwiches this morning!

FRIDAY 6:26 PM: Some not so good news, but a "PLAN B" quickly came together! The not so good news: we LOST Five Star Park in The Colony due to the fields being deemed non-playable for the weekend. (The effort was there and we are thankful for that.) The good news: PLAN B - the 11U D2 group has been relocated to Field #5 at Jakes Hilltop Park in Flower Mound and Field #11 at Bakersfield Park in Flower Mound. THANK YOU TO THE COACHES THAT HELPED US OUT around the special request needs of other coaches! (ADDRESS FOR JAKES HILLTOP PARK: 4975 Timber Creek Rd., Flower Mound, TX 75028)

CRITICAL NOTE regarding teams scheduled to play at Wagon Wheel Park: The City of Coppell will give us their final decision around 6:00 AM tomorrow morning. I know this is NOT ideal, but this is their procedure and we have to honor it. I went to the complex this afternoon and was able to gain access to and walk some of the fields. They are drying nicely and the good folks at CBA are feeling optimistic regarding the City of Coppell giving us a positive answer in the morning. (They recently switched over to the "granite infield mix" and it was definitely doing its job today!) I will do everything possible to provide that update AS CLOSE TO 6:00 AM as possible because I know many folks like to arrive very early, even for the early games.

PLEASE NOTE: It will be cold in the early AM. The fields will be wet and the infield mix may be soft in spots. Please dress those players accordingly and coaches/team managers, please bring towels to help keep you baseballs dry. We will continue working this evening on the fields we have access to to make them as perfect as we can for the kiddos. I do want everyone to know that even though the weather and field conditions might not be perfect, we are doing all we can so the kids can play baseball this weekend! Lastly, I want to thank our awesome scheduler for pulling this all together, she's the best! SCHEDULES ARE BEING UPDATED AS WE SPEAK AND WILL BE COMPLETED BY 7:00 PM! have a great evening and see you at the ballfields!

Friday 3:08 PM: Some GREAT NEWS regarding Bakersfield Park. WE WILL PLAY AS SCHEDULED AT BAKERSFIELD PARK! It will be cold, and fields will likely be wet after a cold overnight given all the moisture from today, so dress warm and bring extra towels to dry your baseballs.

I am still waiting on FINAL ASSESSMENTS for Wagon Wheel Park, from the City of Coppell; and for Five Star Park, from the City of The Colony. I hope to have more solid information from both municipalities later on this afternoon/evening. We'd like to communicate with ALL TEAMS by tonight vs. waiting for answers in the wee hours tomorrow morning. We are working on contingency plans should those fields go down and are doing the best we can to have all teams be able to play.

Friday 9:50 AM: LOT'S OF RAIN THIS MORNING. We stayed late at Bakersfield last night after the last games were done, and did a hard drag on all game fields and tarped all pitching mounds, etc. We are doing all we can to PLAY AS SCHEDULED, but Mother Nature isn't helping right now. Less than 1/2 inch was "forecasted," yet so far we are at 1.2 inches. Those that have played with us before know that we do everything possible for the kids to be able to play. We will provide another update LATE AFTERNOON/EARLY EVENING TODAY....(please no calls or texts to "check on conditions", as I will be actively working to get us playing all day....my promise to you is I will do everything I can, and I will communicate as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Keep Calm & Baseball On is a 501 (c)(3) organization seeking to promote the Greatest Game! 

We are PLAYER FOCUSED and work hard every day for the betterment of the Greatest Game!
We provide players, coaches, and their fans high quality venues, and well managed tournaments 
(& facilities) through our Championship Events in hopes of drawing the best competition!

Team Event Registration Fee

7U - 8U: $350

9U - 12U: $425

13U & HS: $450

(This event does not offer 14U at this time. Also please note: 7U would play "up" into 8U.)

PLEASE NOTE: On 9/2/20 we added 9U D2, 10U D2 and 12U D3 as we picked up the Five Star Complex in The Colony. Teams in these ages need to be prepared to play at either/both complexes. Thank you!

Gate Fee

$150 team gate fee

When do I pay the tournament entry fee? 
All KC&BO tournaments are first pay/first play. Your entry into an event is not complete until you have paid the entry fee or the gate fee. The division may sell out prior to the payment deadline. The number of available spots in a division may fluctuate depending on the needs of all divisions that share the same field size. KC&BO does not accept checks. If you need to pay by cash, the deadlines still apply and you will need to make arrangements with us to drop off a cash payment. Our Entry/Gate fees are due on the Friday, one week prior to the tournament dates (our goal is to schedule over that weekend and post schedules on Monday). SEE TOURNAMENT PAYMENT & REFUND POLICY BELOW.

Do we supply our own baseballs? 
Yes, teams supply their own baseballs for game play. 

We play by the rules listed on the playNCS.com website, with these noted exceptions: 

Pitching: There are no enforceable pitching limitations for this weekend tournament. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND PARENTS & COACHES ABIDE BY THE USA BASEBALL/MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL "Pitch Smart" GUIDELINES. (We do NOT know the number of pitches thrown during the week, during league play, during private lessons, leading up to tournament play, etc. and do not feel we can effectively manage the safety of any child's arm.) We believe that responsibility belongs with the PARENTS & COACHES who know the players pitch count leading up to, during, and after tournament play. PARENTS & COACHES, please do not overuse young arms. The WIN today is not worth it in the long run!

We allow -5 bats in 14u D2 and D3.
We play all 13u events at 54/80 unless otherwise noted.
We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds, or in the batting cages or soft toss stations.

All Gold Bracket Champions and Finalist will receive NCS Championship Rings
All Silver Bracket Champions and Finalist will receive NCS Medals or Rings
All Brackets receive team Championship Banners

How do I submit a schedule request?

Please submit all schedule request using the schedule request tab on the event menu. We will take schedule request until the Friday evening one week prior to the event. You can block out a 4 hour block on Friday or Saturday that you cannot play only! Schedule request that are more restrictive than a 4 hour "no play" block will be difficult to accommodate but we will do our best!

Example of a schedule request we will accept: We cannot play between 10 AM and 2 PM on Saturday.

Example of a schedule request that we will have trouble accommodating: We cannot play before 4 PM.

Teams must be prepared to play from Friday evening until Sunday evening, we will do our best to accommodate request.

Can we bring outside food and coolers?
Yes, participants and fans are allowed to bring outside food and coolers excluding alcohol. HOWEVER, NO GLASS CONTAINERS.

Can we bring our pets or comfort animals to the tournament?

Yes, but strict adherence to Town of Flower Mound Leash Laws and Cleaning Up after your pet. (Please consider weather conditions, and please consider leaving your pet at home. Please do NOT bring any aggressive pets to the ballfields.)

When are our rosters locked and what do I do if a parents forgets/neglects to sign the waiver prior to the cutoff?
All rosters are locked on the Thursday evening prior to the event. All players must be listed on the public view teams page by the cutoff. Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff are not eligible to play! 

Behavior at the events
KC&BO has a zero tolerance policy towards disrespectful and adverse behavior. Any fan, parent, player or coach will be ejected from the event for adverse behavior towards a tournament official or umpire. 

Where will we play? 
Bakersfield Park, 1201 Duncan Lane, Flower Mound, TX 75028
Five Star, 4100 Blair Oaks Dr., The Colony, TX 75056
Wagon Wheel Park (Fields 3 & 4), 345 Freeport Parkway, Coppell, TX 75019
Wagon Wheel Park (Field 6), 1001 Northpoint Dr, Coppell, TX 75019

Tournament Payment & Refund Policy

Payment Policy

Tournament "Entry Fee" payments are due 10 days in advance of the tournament start date. No exceptions. Registrations are not complete until the "Entry Fee" payment is received. In the event of an age group or division reaching a "waitlist", or "sellout", teams that have paid are "in" based on the order in which their payments are received. The team "Gate Fee" (if applicable) must also be paid in advance of the tournament (10-days in advance). NO TEAM WILL BE SCHEDULED WITHOUT THEIR REGISTRATION BEING 100% COMPLETE.

Weather/Rainout Policy

If games are cancelled due to weather after pool play games are completed, awards will be given to the highest seed --- pool play is important!

  • If no games are started/played = FULL REFUND (minus $25 admin fee) (credit card processing fees are non-refundable)
  • If one game is started/played = 50% REFUND (credit card processing fees are non-refundable)
  • If both pool play games are started/played = NO REFUND
  • If a team chooses, they may accept a full credit towards a future tournament

Withdraw Refund Policy

Refunds will be given to "withdrawing" teams based on the following:

  • 10 days in advance of tournament start date = FULL REFUND (credit card processing fees are non-refundable)
  • 6-9 days in advance of tournament start date = 50% REFUND (credit card processing fees are non-refundable)
  • 5 days or less = NO REFUND

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Bison Baseball 9u
Dallas, TX
9U D3 5-9-0
2 Coppell Cowboys Black - Meyer
Coppell, TX
9U D3 0-9-0
3 Keller Falcons
Fort Worth, TX
9U D3 4-7-0
4 Keller Indians
Keller, TX
9U D3 12-9-0
5 Lake Highlands Warriors
Dallas, TX
9U D3 1-3-0
6 OKEUS - 9U
9U D2 22-8-0
7 TCR 9U Select Bobcats- Mercer
9U D3 5-8-0
8 Texas Rattlers - Cordell
Flower Mound, TX
9U D3 3-7-0
9 Wildcat Baseball
Sulphur Springs, TX
9U D3 13-9-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Bandits
Fort Worth, TX
10U D3 18-10-0
2 Canes Southwest 10u - Hillhouse
Decatur, TX
10U D3 9-13-0
3 Cooperstown Cobras Delong 10u
fort worth, TX
10U D3 9-6-0
4 Coppell 10U - Hooper
Coppell, TX
10U D3 1-5-0
5 DBI Bluesox - 10U
Highland Village, TX
10U D3 1-5-0
6 Grapevine Mustangs
grapevine, TX
10U D3 11-9-0
7 Keller Knights
Keller, TX
9U D2 3-2-1
8 Mustangs
Grapevine, TX
9U D2 29-16-1
9 NTXBC Dirtbags
Keller, TX
10U D2 10-10-1
10 NTXBC Dirtbags- Place
Keller, TX
9U D2 17-9-1
11 Texas Elite-Padilla
Euless, TX
10U D3 7-16-1
12 Texas Rattlers - Bradley
Flower Mound, TX
9U D2 16-4-0
13 Texas Rattlers - Ford
Flower Mound, TX
10U D3 7-3-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 813 Elite
Palmer, TX
11U D2 8-11-0
2 Canes Southwest 11u - McDaniel
Decatur, TX
11U D2 10-13-0
3 Coppell Cowboys - Wiseman
Coppell, TX
11U D3 3-6-0
4 Fort Worth Bandits
Fort Worth, TX
11U D3 16-4-0
5 HVA Storm 11U - Waddelow
Highland Village, TX
11U D3 4-4-0
6 Keller Chargers
Keller, TX
11U D3 0-3-0
7 Midlothian Legends
Midlothian, TX
11U D2 10-5-0
8 Texas Rattlers Fisher
Flower Mound, TX
11U D3 5-4-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Colts BSBL
Rockwall, TX
12U D3 17-15-0
2 Coppell Cowboys - Miller
Coppell, TX
12U D3 3-8-0
3 Corinth Crushers
12U D3 20-13-0
4 Denton Texans - Avanzo
Denton, TX
12U D3 1-5-0
5 Keller Chargers
12U D3 8-4-0
6 Keller Indians
Keller, TX
12U D3 8-5-0
7 Keller Panthers
Keller, TX
12U D3 10-11-0
8 Texas Rattlers - del Muro
Flower Mound, TX
11U D3 6-5-0
9 Texas Rattlers - Luttenegger
12U D3 10-8-0
10 Texas Rattlers - Westdyk
Flower Mound, TX
12U D3 4-3-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Arlington Saints
Arlington, TX
12U D3 8-8-0
2 Bison Baseball Starks
12U D2 7-4-0
3 DBI Bluesox - Flores
Argyle, TX
12U D2 5-3-0
4 DBI Bluesox - Schmidt
Highland Village, TX
12U D2 6-7-1
5 HVA Storm-Bird
Lantana, TX
11U D1 16-4-0
Argyle, TX
12U D2 2-2-0
7 Texas Elite - Davila
euless, TX
12U D2 2-5-0
8 Texas Rattlers - Bryson
Flower Mound, TX
11U D1 2-5-0
9 Texas Rattlers - Wylie
Flower Mound, TX
12U D2 15-10-1
10 Texas Scrappers
The Colony, TX
12U D2 3-6-1
11 Texas Scrappers | Buesing
Lewisville, TX
11U D1 5-3-0
12 USA Prime - Waggoner
Argyle, TX
12U D2 10-11-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 DC Rangers
Denton, TX
13U D3 9-8-0
2 Haslet Tigers- Ryan
Argyle, TX
13U D3 13-13-0
3 Impact Baseball Club - Anthony
Keller, TX
13U D3 9-11-0
4 M2 Baseball
Waller, TX
13U D3 0-3-0
5 Southlake Dragons - Martin
Southlake, TX
13U D3 8-1-0
6 Texas Rattlers - Bryson
Flower Mound, TX
13U D3 6-9-0
7 Texas Rattlers - Havard
Flower Mound, TX
13U D3 0-6-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 15U Texas Rattlers - Gonzalez
Flower Mound, TX
15U D3 1-3-0
2 Texas Rattlers 2 Nelson/Meyers
Flower Mound, TX
18U D1 3-0-1
3 Texas Rattlers 3 Nelson Rochette
Flower Mound, TX
16U D2 0-3-0
4 Texas Rattlers 3 Nelson Viera
16U D1 1-1-1
5 Texas Rattlers Nelson/Black
Flower Mound, TX
18U D1 3-1-0