Double Points Qualifier

Grapevine/Melissa/McKinney/Princeton, TX

DFW - See Locations Tab


May 14-16

What we do- 

We're committed to promoting the Game of Baseball! We promote the game and the players through our Championship Events. By providing teams and their supporters with high quality venues and well managed tournaments, teams compete with the best amateur baseball clubs in the Nation. 

Team event registration fee:
9U/10U  $395.00
11U-14U $495.00
Team gate fee for all age divisions is $150

Payment Policy:
The event registration fee or the team gate fee must be paid to confirm your teams spot in the tournament.
Teams that choose to pay later may be moved to the waitlist if other teams register and pay before them, regardless of when they register.

Refund Policy:
Teams withdrawing from an event 7 days prior to the start date of an event will receive a 100% credit.
Teams withdrawing 6 or less days prior to an event for any reason will receive a 50% credit.
Paid teams in divisions that do not make will receive a 100% credit.
If an event is cancelled due to weather, teams will be eligible for the following credit.
-0- games started 100% credit
-1- game started 50% credit
-2- games started 0% credit

Cancellations due to Force Majeure and Governmental Actions:
Any event that is cancelled due to the closing of a facility due to governmental actions prompted by a pandemic, epidemic, act of war, police action or Act of God will be available for credit, but may be delayed by BUSA Events LLC ability to operate.
Online payment fee:
When paying with a credit card or debit card there will be a 4% processing fee. This fee is not refundable and not able to be applied as a credit.
The processing fee is a convenience fee paid to the credit card processor. You can mail, or drop off a check to avoid this fee. Please call the office when you mail your check and we will confirm your entry, do not leave a voicemail or email this information. You must contact a director directly.
How to get a refund:
All credit transfers and refunds must be initiated by the customer by completing either the transfer form or the refund form.  
All refunds will have a $25 admin fee applied.
Click here to transfer your credit to another TSB event
You can receive a refund for any credit memos in your club or teams account by clicking here.

Game time limits:
All Coach Pitch games are 1:15 hr

All 9u-12u games are 1:30 hr
All 13u-14u Pool Play games are 1:30 hr

All 9u-12u Bracket Games are 1:30 hr
All 13u-14u Bracket Games are 1:45 hr

All teams will receive 1 dozen NCS Baseballs at team check in.
We play exclusively by the rules listed on the website.
We utilize outs instead of innings for pitching totals.
We allow -5 bats in 14u D2 and D3
We play all 13u events at 54/80 unless otherwise noted
We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds.
No Seeds or shelled nuts are allowed at any of the facilities.
How do I submit a schedule request?
Please submit all schedule request using the schedule request tab on the event menu.
We will take schedule request until the Sunday evening prior to the event.
You can block out a 4 hour block on Friday or Saturday that you cannot play only!
Schedule request that are more restrictive than a 4 hour "no play" block will be difficult to accommodate but we will do our best!
It is very important that you do not enter into an event that you cannot attend if you do not get specific pool play times, the schedule request is a request, not a schedule guarantee.
Any schedule request that are text, emailed or submitted in any other way, besides using the schedule request tab on the event page will not be accepted. If the schedule request tab is not showing on the event menu, that means we have began scheduling the event already.
Cooler Policy:
Outside food and drinks are allowed.
Do not bring your pets to the tournament.
Regardless of the Cities policies, you will be asked to leave if you bring any pets.
Event locations are not guaranteed. We play on all turf, half turf, grass and skinned fields in and around the listed locations.

You are not currently signed in. You may submit your schedule request after signing in as a team administrator.

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Athletics 7u
Brock, TX
7U D3 2-1-0
2 Frisco Riders - Peters
Frisco, TX
7U D3 9-6-0
3 Keller Indians
Keller, TX
7U D3 2-4-0
4 NTX Tribe - Nixon
Sachse, TX
7U D2 10-1-0
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 5 Star Performance DFW - 8U Cruz
Lewisville, TX
8U D3 0-5-1
2 Lake Highlands Knights
Dallas, TX
8U D3 2-5-0
3 North Texas Longhorns - Alexander
McKinney, TX
8U D3 8-5-2
4 NTX Tribe - Bryant
Sachse, TX
8U D3 11-7-1
5 Texas Alpha Baseball - Jackson
Frisco, TX
8U D3 0-3-0
6 Texas Broncos
McKinney, TX
8U D3 1-3-0
7 Texas Oilers- Parker
Rockwall, TX
8U D3 2-0-0
8 Texas Stix - Capps
Grapevine, TX
8U D3 10-14-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Bison Baseball 9u
Dallas, TX
9U D3 5-9-0
2 Cooperstown Cobras 9U VanSlyke
Fort Worth, TX
9U D3 16-18-2
3 Dallas Patriots 8u - Stout
Frisco, TX
8U D3 4-3-0
4 Dallas Tigers Guerrero
Dallas, TX
9U D3 0-3-0
5 Impact Baseball Club- Gil
Trophy Club, TX
9U D3 4-7-0
6 NTX Bulls Ramirez 9u
North Richland Hills, TX
9U D3 3-3-0
7 NTX Elite Jeske
Nevada, TX
9U D3 17-5-0
8 NTX Tribe - Maddux
Sachse, TX
9U D3 5-3-1
9 Texas Cannons-Gambill
Carrollton, TX
9U D3 1-2-0
10 Texas Captains
Rockwall, TX
9U D3 1-4-0
11 Texas Generals
Frisco, TX
9U D3 0-8-1
12 Texas Stix - Smallwood
Grapevine, TX
9U D3 18-8-0
13 West Texas Premier
Wolfforth, TX
9U D3 0-0-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Aledo Bearcats
Aledo, TX
10U D3 1-6-0
2 Arlington Braves
Arlington, TX
10U D3 9-4-0
3 Corinth Crushers - Taylor
Corinth, TX
10U D3 12-4-0
4 Dallas Nationals Daves
Argyle, TX
10U D3 13-10-0
5 Dallas Nationals White
Argyle, TX
10U D3 4-10-0
6 DFW Spartans - Grim
10U D3 2-3-0
7 DFW Spartans-Peterson
Saginaw, TX
10U D3 2-4-0
8 HVA Storm - Martin
Highland Village, TX
10U D3 2-4-0
9 Impact Baseball Club - Kelly
Roanoke, TX
10U D3 1-3-2
10 LH Naturals
Dallas, TX
10U D3 6-8-2
11 Texas Cannons-Rosenkranz
Carrollton, TX
10U D3 1-8-0
12 Texas Captains 10UD3
Rockwall, TX
10U D3 7-14-0
13 Texas Stix - Andujar
Grapevine, TX
9U D2 8-4-0
14 817 Sports LLC - Energy
Mansfield, TX
9U D3 0-6-0
15 Bandits
Fort Worth, TX
10U D3 16-8-0
16 Barons
Burleson, TX
10U D3 9-1-0
17 Bobcats
Celina, TX
10U D3 0-3-0
18 Cavalry Baseball
Cleburne, TX
10U D3 8-10-1
19 Dallas Bandits - Boring 10U
Dallas, TX
10U D3 1-2-1
20 Driven Elite
Grapevine, TX
9U D2 24-13-0
21 Oak Cliff Braves
Dallas, TX
10U D3 3-4-0
22 Texas Elite-Padilla
Euless, TX
10U D3 7-16-1
23 Texas Rattlers - Callison
Flower Mound, TX
10U D3 0-0-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Canes Southwest 11U Pastrana
Prosper, TX
11U D3 4-3-0
2 Colleyville Titans
Colleyvillle, TX
11U D3 3-3-1
3 Dallas Nationals 11 Red
Argyle, TX
11U D3 1-5-0
4 Dallas Tigers Calhoun
Dallas, TX
11U D3 0-3-0
5 DFW Spartans
Fort Worth, TX
11U D3 0-3-0
6 Frisco Hitmen
Frisco, TX
11U D3 0-3-0
7 NTX Bulls Brooks 11
North Richland Hills, TX
11U D3 13-6-1
8 Pelicans
Dallas, TX
11U D3 0-0-0
9 Pro Source 11u Wuest
Carrollton, TX
11U D3 1-22-0
10 Texas Cannons-Holbrook
Carrollton, TX
11U D3 0-0-0
11 Texas Knights 11u- Aguirre
Richardson, TX
11U D3 4-9-0
12 Texas Oilers 11U Holmes
Rowlett, TX
11U D3 4-1-0
13 5 Star Performance DFW - 11U Merkel
Dallas, TX
11U D3 0-3-0
14 Texas Reds
Forney, TX
11U D3 11-5-0
15 Wonderboys
Callisburg, TX
11U D3 5-4-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Bison Baseball - Hillis
11U D2 7-6-0
2 Cubs
Plano, TX
11U D3 0-0-0
3 Dragons
Southlake, TX
11U D2 2-1-0
4 Frisco Riders
11U D2 2-3-0
5 HVA Storm 11U - Waddelow
Highland Village, TX
11U D3 4-4-0
6 Keller Aces
Keller, TX
11U D2 6-4-0
7 MC Elite 2028
Melissa, TX
11U D3 16-1-1
8 NTX Yankees
Grand Prairie, TX
11U D2 24-14-1
9 Texas Knights 11u McGruder
Frisco, TX
11U D3 9-5-0
10 Texas Oilers 11U Hamblin/Hancock
Rowlett, TX
11U D2 2-5-0
11 Texas Rattlers - Bauman
Flower Mound, TX
11U D2 3-1-0
12 Texas Stix - Beam
Grapevine, TX
11U D2 17-9-1
13 TX Yard Goats
Lucas, TX
11U D2 10-7-1
14 W.F. Aces
Wichita Falls, TX
11U D3 7-3-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 NTX Bulls Norman 11
North Richland Hills, TX
11U D1 13-2-0
2 Open
3 Open
4 Open
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Aledo Elite 12u
Aledo, TX
12U D3 1-7-0
2 Brock Eagles
Weatherford, TX
12U D3 10-2-0
3 Cooperstown Cobras - Coursey
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 4-6-0
4 Corinth Crushers
12U D3 16-11-0
5 Dallas Beast Mode
Grand Prairie, TX
12U D3 15-7-1
6 Dallas Knights
Dallas, TX
12U D3 0-0-0
7 Dallas Nationals Blue
Argyle, TX
12U D3 3-9-1
8 Fort Worth Lobos - Meyer
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 1-5-0
9 North Dallas Baseball Academy
Richardson, TX
12U D3 1-1-0
10 North Texas Kings 12u
Grapevine, TX
12U D3 10-3-3
11 Texas Cannons-Campos
Carrollton, TX
12U D3 7-7-1
12 Texas Forge Orange
Weatherford, TX
12U D3 2-1-0
13 Texas Oilers 12U Byrd
Rowlett, TX
12U D3 9-4-0
14 USA Prime 12U Nagid
Forest Hills, TX
12U D3 0-11-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Canes Southwest NTX - Richey
Dallas, TX
12U D2 0-0-0
2 Dallas Patriots - Trout
Frisco, TX
12U D2 0-6-0
3 Dulins Dodgers Tx - KM
McKinney, TX
12U D2 3-2-0
4 Team Warstic-Gold
Frisco, TX
12U D3 1-2-0
5 Texas Bombers 12u Coronado
Irving, TX
12U D2 8-1-0
6 Texas Cannons-Johansen
Carrollton, TX
12U D2 6-2-0
7 Texas Oilers 12U Nowell
Rowlett, TX
12U D2 6-4-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Bobcats
Roanoke, TX
12U D1 2-0-0
2 Cooperstown Cobras Hawthorne 12u
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 3-8-0
3 Dallas Tigers 12U - Reynolds
Frisco, TX
12U D1 8-1-1
4 Dallas Tigers Lovell
Dallas, TX
12U D1 6-3-1
5 NTX Bulls Simon 12
12U D1 2-4-0
6 Texas Desperados-Tarpley
Carrollton, TX
12U D1 2-1-0
7 UB Nine - Pate
McKinney, TX
12U D1 2-4-2
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Canes Southwest 13u - Herrick
Decatur, TX
13U D2 4-1-0
2 Colleyville Spartans
Colleyville, TX
13U D3 0-0-0
3 Dallas Mustangs 13U Martin
Dallas, TX
13U D2 6-6-1
4 Dallas Tigers Bryan
Dallas, TX
13U D2 0-0-0
5 Dallas Tigers Nester
Dallas, TX
13U D2 2-4-0
6 Fort Worth Texans 13U Black
Fort Worth, TX
13U D2 1-4-0
7 Keller Aces
north richland hills, TX
13U D2 12-5-1
8 NTX Bulls Norman 13
North Richland Hills, TX
13U D3 7-16-0
9 NTX Bulls Sifuentes 13
North Richland Hills, TX
13U D2 8-14-0
10 NTX Young Guns
Wichita Falls, TX
13U D2 3-2-1
11 Suns 13U
Bedford, TX
13U D2 1-2-0
12 Texas Knights 13u-Aguirre
Richardson, TX
13U D2 2-6-2
13 Texas Oilers 13U Madden
Rowlett, TX
13U D3 7-2-0
14 Texas Oilers 13U Mauldin
Rowlett, TX
13U D2 4-5-0
15 Texas Outlaws 13u
Mansfield, TX
13U D2 4-5-2
16 Texas Rattlers - Bryson
Flower Mound, TX
13U D3 6-9-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Dallas Tigers Ahearne
Dallas, TX
13U D1 4-4-0
2 Driven Elite 13U Black
Grapevine, TX
13U D1 5-11-0
3 Driven Elite 13U Red
Grapevine, TX
13U D1 3-5-0
4 Dulins Dodgers 13u Prime - Godwin
McKinney, TX
13U D1 0-0-0
5 Dulins Dodgers 13u Texas - Strausborger
McKinney, TX
13U D1 2-0-1
6 Stix 2026 Prospects Red
Greapevine, TX
13U D1 3-3-0
7 Stix 2026 Prospects White
Grapevine, TX
13U D1 3-9-1
8 Storm Schmidt 13U
Lantana, TX
13U D2 8-2-0
9 TCR Bobcats Merrittt
Trophy Club, TX
13U D1 6-7-0
10 Texas Captains
Rockwall, TX
13U D1 9-10-0
11 Texas Stars
Midlothian, TX
13U D1 11-1-0
12 USA Prime 13U-Mitchell
Highland Village, TX
13U D1 2-0-0
13 West Texas Premier
Lubbock, TX
13U D1 1-0-1
14 West Texas RedHawks 13U
Amarillo, TX
13U D1 0-0-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Dallas Mustangs 14U - Martin
Dallas, TX
14U D2 4-5-0
2 Dallas Patriots - Porter
Frisco, TX
14U D2 1-6-1
3 Dallas Tigers - Micucci
Frisco, TX
14U D2 1-2-0
4 Dallas Tigers Fanselow
Dallas, TX
14U D3 0-0-0
5 DBI Black Sox - Wood
Lantana, TX
14U D2 8-8-0
6 Fort Worth Texans 14U Red
Fort Worth, TX
14U D2 2-4-0
7 Impact Baseball Club-Mercer
Roanoke, TX
14U D2 15-7-0
8 NTX Bulls Broom 14u
North Richland Hills, TX
14U D3 0-5-0
9 NTX Tribe - LaTorre
Sachse, TX
14U D2 5-11-0
10 TCR Bobcats - Hennig
Trophy Club, TX
14U D2 6-16-1
11 TCR Bobcats - White
Roanoke, TX
14U D2 11-8-0
12 Texas Generals - Shelton
Frisco, TX
14U D2 7-1-0
13 Texas Oilers 14U Collis
Rowlett, TX
14U D2 1-2-0
14 Texas Oilers 14U Maher
Rowlett, TX
14U D2 5-5-1
14U D2 2-1-0
McKinney, TX
14U D2 13-7-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 2025 USA Prime-Vazquez
Frisco, TX
14U D1 10-6-1
2 Black Sox - Kinzy
Argyle, TX
14U D1 12-10-1
3 Corinth Crushers - Ball
Corinth, TX
14U D2 10-4-0
4 Dallas Patriots - Green
Fort Worth, TX
14U D1 4-4-1
5 Dallas Tigers- Hernandez
Dallas, TX
14U D1 1-2-0
6 Dallas Warriors
Dallas, TX
14U D2 5-5-0
7 Driven Elite 14U Black
Grapevine, TX
14U D1 7-13-2
8 Frisco Bruins
Frisco, TX
14U D2 7-7-0
9 Lone Star Braves
Waxahachie, TX
14U D2 3-1-0
10 North Dallas Baseball Academy - Black
Richardson, TX
14U D2 9-10-0
11 NTX Bulls Wood
North Richland Hills, TX
14U D1 1-2-0
12 NTXBC Dirtbags - Tenorio
Fort Worth, TX
14U D1 3-2-0
13 Rawlings Velocity Baseball 14U Black
Mansfield, TX
14U D1 7-7-0
14 Rawlings Velocity Baseball 14U National
Mansfield, TX
14U D1 5-2-0
15 Texas Cannons-Chamblee
Carrollton, TX
14U D1 4-7-0
16 Texas Momentum Baseball-Guerrero
White Settlement, TX
14U D2 15-6-1
17 United Baseball Nine
Mansfield, TX
14U D1 2-4-0