The Colony, TX

Five Star Complex

Spring Bling

Mar 27-28, 2021


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 TEXAS BOMBERS 2-0-0 10 29 1550
2 JoCo Patriots 2-0-0 11 30 700
3 Greyhound Baseball Club (Hounds) 2-0-0 20 40 1050
4 NTX Yankees 1-1-0 19 22 800
5 Prosper Dodgers 1-1-0 29 25 150
6 Frisco Riders - Peters 1-1-0 33 28 800
7 Texas Captains 0-2-0 29 15 200
8 Dallas Patriots - Scott 0-2-0 30 6 0
9 Texas Edge 0-2-0 32 18 200

Bracket 1 7U D3

Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Sunday 8:00 AM FSC Gray 14 NTX Yankees 8 Prosper Dodgers
Game 2 Sunday 9:30 AM FSC Gray 17 JoCo Patriots 18 Greyhound Baseball Club (Hounds)
Game 3 Sunday 11:00 AM FSC Gray 12 TEXAS BOMBERS 5 NTX Yankees
Game 4 Sunday 12:30 PM FSC Gray 12 TEXAS BOMBERS 9 Greyhound Baseball Club (Hounds)
Bracket 1
4 NTX Yankees 14
Sunday 8:00 AM
FSC Gray
5 Prosper Dodgers 8
Sunday 11:00 AM
FSC Gray
NTX Yankees 5
2 JoCo Patriots 17
Sunday 9:30 AM
FSC Gray
3 Greyhound Baseball Club (Hound 18
Sunday 12:30 PM
FSC Gray
Greyhound Baseball Club (Hound 9

Bracket 2 7U D3

Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Sunday 2:15 PM FSC Gray 13 Frisco Riders - Peters 2 Texas Edge
Game 2 Sunday 3:45 PM FSC Gray 21 Texas Captains 6 Dallas Patriots - Scott
Game 3 Sunday 5:30 PM FSC Gray 19 Frisco Riders - Peters 10 Texas Captains
Bracket 2
6 Frisco Riders - Peters 13
Sunday 2:15 PM
FSC Gray
9 Texas Edge 2
7 Texas Captains 21
Sunday 3:45 PM
FSC Gray
8 Dallas Patriots - Scott 6
Frisco Riders - Peters 19
Sunday 5:30 PM
FSC Gray
Texas Captains 10
Frisco Riders - Peters

Rec Tourney baseball was created to provide what we believe is a much needed tournament experience for Rec and D3 (AA) youth baseball teams. RTB is NCS backed, and offers various types of tournament play almost every weekend during the Spring and Fall seasons.


We typically alternate between McInnish Sports Complex (Carrollton) and Five Star Complex (The Colony), however we do have additional fields in Princeton and Fort Worth.  

Registration Fee 

7U-14U: $400.00

Do we supply our own baseballs? 

RTB provides game balls for all tournament events.  

When do I pay the Tournament Entry Fee? 

All Rec Tourney Baseball tournaments are first pay/first play.  Your entry into an event is not complete until you have paid the entry fee or the gate fee.  The division may sell out prior to the payment deadline.  The number of available spots in a division may fluctuate depending on the needs of all divisions that share the same field size. 

Payment Policy:

All tournament entries are complete once the event fee or gate fee has been paid.

  • When paying with a credit card or debit card there will be a 4% processing fee. This fee is not refundable or able to be applied as a credit. The processing fee is a convenience fee paid to the credit card processor.
  • All credit transfers and refunds must be initiated by the customer by completing either the transfer form or the refund form.  All refunds will have a $25 admin fee applied.

Game time limits: Pool & Bracket Play

6U-8U: 1:15hr 

9U-14U: 1:30hr


We play exclusively by the rules listed on the playNCS.com website. 

We do not track and enforce innings pitched (Coaches please be responsible with pitchers arm care

We allow -5 bats in 14U.

We play all 13U events at 54/80 unless otherwise noted.

We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds. 


1st Place - Championship Rings

2nd Place - Finalist Rings

How do I submit a schedule request? 

Please submit all schedule requests using the Schedule Request tab on the Event menu.  We will take schedule requests until the Tuesday evening prior to the event.  You can block out a 4 hour window that you can not play.  (Only applies to pool play)  Schedule requests that are more restrictive than a 4 hour window will be difficult to accommodate but we will do our best!  

Example of a schedule request we will accept: We cannot play between 10:00am and 2:00pm on Saturday.

Example of a schedule request we will have trouble accommodating: We cannot play before 4:00pm. 

Can we bring outside food and coolers? 

Yes, participants and fans are allowed to bring outside food and cooler.  However, Alcohol is not allowed. 

Can we bring our pets or comfort animals to the tournament? 

No, you will be asked to leave the premises if you bring pets to an RTB event regardless of the facilities policies.  

When are our rosters locked and what do I do if a parent forgets/neglects to sign the waiver prior to cutoff? 

All rosters are locked on the Friday evening prior to the event.  All players must be listed on the public View Teams page by the cutoff.  Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff are not eligible to play.  

Behavior at the events

RTB has a zero tolerance policy towards disrespectful and adverse behavior.  Any fan, parent, player or coach will be ejected from the event for adverse behavior towards a tournament official or umpire.  

Refund Policy

Please visit our website for information on refunds: www.rectourneybaseball.com

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Dallas Patriots - Scott
Frisco, TX
7U D3 0-3-0
2 Frisco Riders - Peters
Frisco, TX
7U D3 13-6-0
3 Greyhound Baseball Club (Hounds)
Aledo, TX
7U D2 14-3-0
4 JoCo Patriots
Joshua, TX
7U D3 12-5-0
5 NTX Yankees
Grand Prairie, TX
7U D3 12-15-0
6 Prosper Dodgers
Prosper, TX
7U D3 2-5-0
Grand Prairie, TX
7U D2 20-8-0
8 Texas Captains
Rockwall, TX
7U D3 5-6-0
9 Texas Edge
Granbury, TX
7U D3 4-11-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Frisco Riders
Frisco, TX
8U D3 2-1-0
2 Keller Indians
Keller, TX
8U D3 8-9-0
3 NTX Bulls Cannon 8
8U D3 2-10-0
4 NTX Tribe - Bryant
Sachse, TX
8U D3 13-12-1
5 Wylie Sox
Wylie, TX
8U D3 0-3-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Arlington Braves
Arlington, TX
9U D3 1-9-0
2 Cooperstown Cobras 9U VanSlyke
Fort Worth, TX
9U D3 17-19-3
3 Cooperstown Cobras-Vercher
Haslet, TX
9U D2 23-7-0
4 Corinth Crushers-Baires
Corinth, TX
9U D3 10-13-1
5 Dallas Tigers
Bedford, TX
9U D3 2-4-0
6 Dallas Tigers North - Gilliam
Frisco, TX
9U D3 3-6-1
7 Generals
Granbury, TX
9U D3 2-1-0
8 Impact Baseball Club- Gil
Trophy Club, TX
9U D3 4-7-0
Murphy, TX
9U D3 1-5-0
10 NTXBC Dirtbags Arnell 9u
Keller, TX
9U D3 4-18-1
11 Prosper Missions - 9u Blue
Prosper, TX
9U D3 6-2-1
12 Prosper Missions 9u Red
Prosper, TX
9U D3 3-2-0
13 Texas Edge - Eggleton
Fort Worth, TX
9U D3 27-13-0
14 Texas Generals
Frisco, TX
9U D3 0-8-1
15 Texas Heat
Burleson, TX
9U D3 12-4-0
16 Texas Throwdown
Colleyville, TX
9U D3 7-1-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Aledo Bearcats
Aledo, TX
10U D3 1-6-0
2 Athletics 10u
Lipan, TX
10U D3 7-5-0
3 Bandits
Fort Worth, TX
10U D3 18-10-0
4 Dallas Bandits - Boring 10U
Dallas, TX
10U D3 1-2-1
5 Dallas Nationals Blue
Argyle, TX
10U D3 17-12-0
6 Dallas Nationals White
Argyle, TX
10U D3 4-10-0
7 Dallas Tigers - B Reynolds
Frisco, TX
10U D3 12-1-0
8 Driven Elite
Grapevine, TX
9U D2 26-16-0
9 Grapevine Mustangs
grapevine, TX
10U D3 11-9-0
10 Haslet Tigers
Haslet, TX
10U D3 0-3-0
11 Keller Knights
Keller, TX
9U D2 3-2-1
12 LH Naturals
Dallas, TX
10U D3 7-9-2
13 NTXtreme Baseball
Carrollton, TX
10U D3 8-20-2
14 Texas 27s
Waxahachie, TX
10U D3 12-18-2
15 Texas Knights 10u-Marshall
Richardson, TX
10U D3 1-11-0
16 Texas Thunder
Brock, TX
10U D3 2-4-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Open
2 Open
3 Open
4 Open
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 5 Star Performance DFW - Bell
Plano, TX
12U D3 2-8-0
2 Arlington Braves
Arlington, TX
12U D3 14-14-0
3 Brock Eagles
Weatherford, TX
12U D3 12-2-0
4 CAB Arlington 12U
Arlington, TX
12U D3 0-6-0
5 Colts BSBL
Rockwall, TX
12U D3 17-15-0
6 Cooperstown Cobras - Coursey
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 4-9-0
7 Corinth Crushers
12U D3 20-13-0
8 Crowley Clutch
Crowley, TX
12U D3 4-12-0
9 Dallas Bandits - Cox 12U
Dallas, TX
12U D3 0-3-0
10 Dallas Nationals Blue
Argyle, TX
12U D3 3-9-1
11 Denton Texans - Avanzo
Denton, TX
12U D3 1-5-0
12 Keller Panthers
Keller, TX
12U D3 10-11-0
13 Lions B.C.
Frisco, TX
12U D3 6-5-0
14 Mansfield Mayhem
Mansfield, TX
12U D3 7-8-0
15 North Texas Heat
Muenster, TX
12U D3 6-4-0
16 NTX Bulls Woodard 12
North Richland Hills, TX
12U D3 10-19-3
17 TCR Bobcats - Wise
Trophy Club, TX
11U D2 9-8-1
18 Texans
Frisco, TX
11U D2 5-14-0
19 Texas Cannons-Campos
Carrollton, TX
12U D3 9-8-1
20 Texas Outlaws
12U D3 10-7-1
21 Texas Rattlers - Harrolle
flower mound, TX
12U D3 3-1-0
22 Texas Rebels
Denton, TX
12U D3 4-22-0
23 USA Prime - Escobedo
Denton, TX
12U D3 14-4-0
24 Wylie Sox 12u
Sachse, TX
12U D3 10-7-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 CAB Arlington 14U
Arlington, TX
14U D3 2-7-1
2 Frisco Lumberjaxx
Frisco, TX
14U D3 6-15-0
3 NTXtreme Baseball
Carrollton, TX
14U D3 6-18-2
4 Riders-Harris
Frisco, TX
14U D3 19-8-0
5 Texas A’s
Forney, TX
14U D3 21-15-1
6 Texas Generals
Frisco, TX
14U D3 7-4-0
7 Texas Rattlers-Crockett
Lewisville, TX
14U D3 11-12-1
8 Young Guns
Plano, TX
14U D3 7-14-0
9 Open
10 Open
11 Open
12 Open
13 Open
14 Open