Southlake, TX

Bicentennial Park

DYB Summer All Star Finale

Jun 24-27, 2022


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 Aledo Black 6U 2-0-0 17 38 200
2 TCR Bobcats 6U Brown 2-0-0 20 41 175
3 Aledo Orange 2-0-0 21 37 75
4 Colleyville Stars- Dotson 1-1-0 33 30 125
5 TCR Bobcats 6U All-Stars Fowler 1-1-0 39 33 75
6 Flower Mound All Stars 0-2-0 37 15 50
7 Coppell All-Stars 0-2-0 38 26 25
8 Southlake Dragons All Stars 0-2-0 41 26 50

6U Championship 6U REC

6U Championship
1 Aledo Black 6U 23
Sunday 8:00 AM
BCP Miracle League Turf
8 Southlake Dragons All Stars 17
4 Colleyville Stars- Dotson 20
Sunday 9:30 AM
BCP Miracle League Turf
5 TCR Bobcats 6U All-Stars Fowle 18
2 TCR Bobcats 6U Brown 20
Sunday 11:00 AM
BCP Miracle League Turf
7 Coppell All-Stars 14
3 Aledo Orange 23
Sunday 12:30 PM
BCP Miracle League Turf
6 Flower Mound All Stars 17
Aledo Black 6U 20
Sunday 2:00 PM
BCP Miracle League Turf
Colleyville Stars- Dotson 12
TCR Bobcats 6U Brown 23
Sunday 3:30 PM
BCP Miracle League Turf
Aledo Orange 17
Aledo Black 6U 20
Sunday 5:00 PM
BCP Miracle League Turf
TCR Bobcats 6U Brown 13
Aledo Black 6U

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The DYB All-Star Tournament is for Recreational and Advanced Recreational (Premier) All-Star teams only.   No Select teams or players are allowed to participate.  This tournament is designed for the true baseball recreational All-Star team. All-Star teams or sanctioned Rec teams are welcome -- no club teams or independent teams allowed

***FIRST PAID/FIRST PLAY:  Space limited to first PAID entries.***

***Rosters frozen 6/24/2022***


We invite all teams and families for Opening Ceremonies at 4:45 on 6/24 at Bicentennial Park. Opening Ceremonies will kick off with a Parade of Teams. If your team would like to participate please email ballparkclub@dragonyouthbaseball.org and have your team arrive at 4:30 in their jerseys to field 6. Opening Ceremony itinerary is below:

6/24 4:45 PM - DYB All Star Finale Kick Off

6/24 4:50 PM - Mayor Huffman

6/24 4:55 PM - Parade of Teams

6/24 5:10 PM - Coach Vucan

6/24 5:15 PM - National Anthem

6/24 5:17 PM - Scholarship Awards

6/24 5:27 PM - First Pitch


Bicentennial Concessions featuring food trucks, BBQ, Burgers, lemonade, breakfast and more will be open Friday through Sunday.

Check out our merch pop-up tents and grab a tournament T-shirt before they sell out!


All teams will play two (2) pool games with a single elimination bracket based on seeding from pool games.



DYB Field Manager/Tournament Director: Mike Sherrill

Email: mikes@dragonyouthbaseball.org

Phone (text or voice): (512) 350-6176

DYB Rec Director: Adam Broyles

Email: rec@dragonyouthbaseball.org

Phone (text or voice): (817) 800-9208


Schedule requests must be submitted using the "Schedule Request" tab no later than Friday, June 17.  We will do our best to accommodate requests, but there are no guarantees for schedule requests


This season all registration will go through PlayNCS.com. Coaches will be required to pay a one time $25 sanction fee (discounted from the $75 fee) in addition to the tournament registration fee for their division. Multiple local association All-Star tournaments are using the PlayNCS.com platform so the one-time $25 fee will cover the other tournaments as well.  During registration, coaches will be asked to complete a background check as a requirement for NCS tournaments.

**To receive sanction fee and background check discounts:
use promo code 
ALLSTAR2022 at check out. 


  • NO METAL CLEATS on any field
  • Teams are to remove all of their items from the dugouts and pick up their trash
  • No sunflower seeds, spitting or chewing by teams or spectators


The DYB All-Star tournament will be played by the rules listed on the playNCS.com website.

6U Division will play by DFW Interlock Rules: dfw-interlock-rules-6u_2019.pages

-5 run limit per half inning (Game ends of up 15 after 3rd inning, 11 after 4th inning, 6 after 5th inning)

-All teams must bat entire roster

-75 Minute Limit Pool Play & Bracket Play 6U-8U

-85 Minute Limit Pool Play & 90 Minute Limit Bracket Play 9U-14U

-14U Bats -5 or less

-Tie Breaker: Runner on 2nd, no outs

-No Slashing

-All teams must be present and prepared to play 15 minutes early

-Balks: 1 warning per pitcher 9U-12U, No warnings 14U

-Score Cards are FINAL, confirm pitch counts and scores prior to signing


NO REFUND AFTER GAME TIMES ARE POSTED! A $75 administrative fee will not be refunded after the tournament starts. All refunds are determined as follows (Fee minus the $75 administrative, divided by game guarantee), any game started counts as a game played.

Full refunds will be given if the tournament is cancelled due to weather before the tournament starts. The NCS sanction fee will not be refunded if tournament is cancelled due to weather.

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Aledo Black 6U
Aledo, TX
6U REC 16-1-0
2 Aledo Orange
Aledo, TX
6U REC 4-3-0
3 Colleyville Stars- Dotson
Colleyville, TX
6U REC 8-6-1
4 Coppell All-Stars
Coppell, TX
6U REC 1-10-1
5 Flower Mound All Stars
Flower Mound, TX
6U REC 6-6-0
6 Southlake Dragons All Stars
Southlake, TX
6U REC 5-13-0
7 TCR Bobcats 6U All-Stars Fowler
Trophy Club, TX
6U REC 4-11-1
8 TCR Bobcats 6U Brown
Roanoke, TX
6U REC 14-6-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 7u TCR Bobcat All-Stars
Trophy club, TX
7U REC 5-8-0
2 Colleyville Stars
Colleyville, TX
7U REC 10-10-0
3 Colleyville Stars - Fisher
Colleyville, TX
7U REC 18-8-0
4 Coppell Cowboys
Coppell, TX
7U REC 9-8-0
5 Dragon White
Southlake, TX
7U REC 4-12-0
6 Dragons—Smith
Southlake, TX
7U REC 2-14-0
7 Flower Mound All Stars - Green
Flower Mound, TX
7U REC 9-6-0
8 Highland Village All-Stars
Highland Village, TX
7U REC 7-11-0
9 Premier - Hobby
Flower Mound, TX
7U REC 4-6-0
10 Southlake Dragons - Broyles
Southlake, TX
7U REC 13-8-0
11 Southlake Green Dragons - Fountain
Southlake, TX
7U REC 19-4-0
12 TCR Bobcats 7U - Shuffield
Trophy Club, TX
7U REC 25-3-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Colleyville AllStars Buchwald
Colleyville, TX
8U REC 3-9-0
2 Colleyville Stars-Elkins
8U REC 11-7-0
3 Flower Mound Premier-Chappell
Flower Mound, TX
8U REC 22-4-0
4 FMYSA All Stars Red
Flower Mound, TX
8U REC 6-9-1
5 Grapevine All-Stars
Grapevine, TX
8U REC 0-3-0
6 Highland Village Allstars
Highland Village, TX
8U REC 8-11-0
7 HV 8U Premier
Highland Village, TX
8U REC 8-7-0
8 Mustangs
Grapevine, TX
8U REC 4-9-0
9 Southlake Cristy
Southlake, TX
8U REC 4-12-1
10 Southlake Dragons - Brock
Southlake, TX
8U REC 15-5-0
11 Southlake Dragons - Simonak
Southlake, TX
8U REC 6-11-1
12 Stars - Horne
Colleyville, TX
8U REC 6-7-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Colleyville Stars
Colleyville, TX
9U REC 12-4-0
2 Colleyville Stars - Dillon
Colleyville, TX
9U REC 4-10-2
3 Colleyville Stars - Yarbrough
Colleyville, TX
9U REC 7-5-0
4 Coppell Cowboys
Coppell, TX
9U REC 0-12-0
5 Dragon Green
Southlake, TX
9U REC 13-7-0
6 Flower Mound All Stars - Burnett
Flower Mound, TX
9U REC 6-10-2
7 Keller All Stars- Blue 9U
Keller, TX
9U REC 3-9-0
8 KYA All Stars - Gold 9U
Keller, TX
9U REC 11-8-0
9 Southlake Dragons - Trammell
Southlake, TX
9U REC 7-10-2
10 TCR Bobcats
Trophy Club, TX
9U REC 5-6-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Aledo Black All Stars
Aledo, TX
10U REC 9-6-0
2 Colleyville Stars-Tillotson
Colleyville, TX
10U REC 17-3-0
3 Flower Mound All Stars - Stewart
Flower Mound, TX
10U REC 7-11-1
4 KYA All Star 10U Gold
Keller, TX
10U REC 8-8-0
5 KYA Blue Team
Keller, TX
10U REC 2-8-2
6 RYA All-Stars 10u
10U REC 0-3-0
7 Southlake Green
Southlake, TX
10U REC 4-12-1
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 12u Aledo Orange All Stars
Aledo, TX
12U REC 2-4-0
2 Aledo Black
Aledo, TX
12U REC 8-4-1
3 All Stars
Colleyville, TX
12U REC 4-10-0
4 Burleson Navy
12U REC 10-0-0
5 flower mound all stars-gray
flower mound, TX
12U REC 2-12-0
6 Keller Rec Allstar Blue
Keller, TX
12U REC 7-8-1
7 RYA All Stars
North Richland Hills, TX
12U REC 8-7-0
8 RYA All-Stars 12u - Tucker
North Richland Hills, TX
12U REC 5-3-0
9 Southlake Gold
Southlake, TX
12U REC 11-11-0
10 TCR Bobcats 12U All Stars
Trophy Club, TX
12U REC 11-8-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Aledo Black
Aledo, TX
14U REC 8-4-0
2 Flower Mound All-Stars - Cordell
Flower Mound, TX
14U REC 3-11-1
3 Grapevine - Jay Birds
Grapevine, TX
14U REC 5-13-0
4 Highland Village 14u Rec
Highland Village, TX
14U REC 10-8-1
5 Keller Gold All Stars
Keller, TX
14U REC 9-3-0
6 Purple Aces
North Richland Hills, TX
14U REC 4-3-1