Mather/Elk Grove, CA

Ed Feldman

Monster Mash

Jun 22-23

Welcome to NCS. All teams may secure your spot in any events deposits are allowed in Northern California and Northern Nevada by paying $200 deposit online and bringing balance in cash balance to the fields 1 hour prior to your first game.



  • There will be a daily CASH ONLY PARK ENTRANCE FEE" of $7 for adults and $5 for non-playing kids aged 7-17. We do not accept any form of electronic payment (NO VENMO, CASHAPP, ZELLE, PAYPAL, debit cards, or credit cards) for entry into the parks. Also, none of the parks have ATM machines so please be aware.
  • The manager and two coaches for each team are given free entry as well as all players playing that day at the fields.
  • NO VAPING OR SMOKING OF ANY KIND ALLOWED at any NCS event. Please leave the park and walk away from the kids if you find the need to do this.
  • NO PETS ALLOWED at most parks so be aware you may be denied entry at the gate. If you have any doubts, call/email the city or check the park website for pet information.
  • NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS, CHEWING GUM, OR CHEWING TABACCO ALLOWED at any parks with artificial turf. Any team’s coaches, players, or parents caught with seeds will forfeit their game, be asked to leave the park, and may be subject to suspension. This is very important to the parks and we have to do all we can to uphold their rules or we could lose the privilege of renting those fields.
  • NO COOLERS ALLOWED at most parks and those that allow for it only allow water, gatorade, and fruit. Please leave all coolers in your car and access them in the parking lot. You can bring in plastic bags with water and gatorade, just NO COOLERS. In the rare occasion that coolers are allowed for your weekend, we will mention that above
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS ALLOWED (except for coffee) at all parks with a snack bar. Please eat food purchased outside the park before entering the gate. If outside food and drink is OK for your weekend, we will mention that above.
  • NO LOUD MUSIC ALLOWED at all parks. Walk-up and warm-up music is to be played at a low volume as to not disturb any of the fields around you. If you are asked to turn down your music by any tournament director, please do so. WOODLAND SPORTS PARK is a NO SPEAKER PARK so no music is allowed at all.
  • NO METAL CLEATS ALLOWED on any pitching mounds or on any artificial turf fields. Most parks with artificial turf only allow for turf shoes or tennis shoes so please leave the molded/rubber cleats at home.
  • NO KIDS SCOOTERS OR SKATEBOARDS ALLOWED at most parks with an entrance gate due to possible injuries to other patrons.
  • NO BBQ’s or PROPANE HEATERS ALLOWED at all parks unless otherwise noted above.
  • COACHES Please have your rosters complete and all players on the roster must be accepted online by their parent/guardian before your first game. If it is brought to our attention that you have a player that hasn’t been accepted, you must do all you can to have the parent approve them before the next game or face the possibility that the player will have to sit the next game.
  • COACHES… Please make sure you have your team insurance uploaded into team portal. If you did not purchase insurance from us, then an additionally insured certificate must be generated by your carrier naming NCS as additionally insured and that cert must also be put into your team's online portal. Make sure your carrier has the following as an additional insured: National Championship Sports  2011 E. Lamar Blvd., Suite 120  Arlington, TX 76006


Thank you for taking the time to read this email. If you are in need of any hotel services for the NCS Baseball California tournaments this weekend please feel free to use our link below. We have officially partnered with NCS California and are happy to help any and all participants in their tournaments. Please let us know if you have any questions as well.