North Richland Hills, TX

Travel Sports Baseball


Jun 28-30, 2024


This is a rec-level event. No select teams or players allowed. 


This event includes two pool games on Saturday and Bracket play (Single Elimination) on Sunday 


A full refund minus a $75 admin fee for team withdrawals. No refunds for withdrawal after the schedule have been posted. 

With weather always a factor, game times and schedules may have to be reduced and will be at the discretion of the tournament director. 

One game played = %50 refund(after $75 admin fee)

Two games played = %25 refund(after $75 admin fee)

Once a game begins it will count as complete. 

FULL refunds if entire tournament is cancelled. 

Request Refund:

All credit transfers and refunds must be initiated by the customer by completing either the transfer form or the refund form. 

All refunds will have a $75 administrative fee applied.

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PAYMENT POLICY: The event registration fee must be paid to confirm your team's spot in the tournament. Teams that choose to pay later may be moved to the waitlist if other teams register and pay before them, regardless of when they register.



9-12U -- 24 outs for the weekend. No more than 6 outs during pool play to pitch Sunday. 7 innings per day max. 

14U --- 27 outs for the weekend. No more than 6 outs during pool play to pitch Sunday. 8 innings per day max. 


6U: Pool and Bracket play 1:00 

7-8U: Pool and Bracket play is 1:15

9-12U: Pool and Bracket play 1:30   

14U: Pool and Bracket play 1:30   

All ages 6 inning max 

No inning will be started after the time limit has been reached. At the time limit, if the visiting team can not at least tie the game or once the home team takes the lead, the game is completed.


5 run max per half inning 6-12U

Mercy rules 15/3, 10/4, 8/5

7 run max per half inning 14U

Mercy rules 15/3, 10/4, 8/5

Pool games can end in a tie  

If a bracket game goes to extra innings, A California tie bracket will occur. Runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 1 out 


Teams must bat their entire roster present on game day(no substitutions.) free defensive substitutions are allowed. The last batted out may run for pitcher/catcher of record as a courtesy runner.  

6-12U no bat restrictions.

14U, drop 5 or less. 


All players will receive up to 6 pitches from the coach pitcher. If the batter does not hit fair or make contact with the 6th pitch the batter will be declared out.

Players who hit the ball foul on the 6th pitch may continue to receive pitches until a ball is put in play or swings and misses. 


When hitting from the tee, the ball must pass the grass cutout or deemed by the umpire to be in play in the event there is no grass infield, to be a fair ball in play. 

Game Play On overthrows to First base (Only First Base), baserunners may advance one base at their own risk. Limit of one overthrow per play (play stops after runner(s) advance 1 base at their own risk). 

Play stops when the ball crosses the base path from throw-ins from the outfield and in control of the defense. At this point, the umpire shall call TIME. Trailing runners may not advance when the lead runner has broken full stride. 

Play stoppage is at the umpire’s discretion and is not subject to appeal.

All players will receive up to 3 pitches from the coach pitcher. If the batter does not hit fair or make contact with the 3rd pitch, the batter will have 3 attempts from a tee. If the attempt off the tee is a foul ball, the batter is out. 

When using the tee, the batter is allowed to square up the ball before the swing without penalty.

The defensive player in the pitching position must be to the right or left of the coach and not in front or behind. He must be within 3ft of the rubber and may not leave until the ball is batted.  


No metal spikes allowed except at 14U  

No metal spikes are allowed on portable mounds.

No slashing at any level  

Outside coolers allowed

Dugout water coolers are NOT provided

Game balls are NOT provided 

No pets please  

Seeding rules will follow NCS guidelines  

Richfield and Cross Timbers Park is a non-smoking facility. 

For any other questions please contact

Kevin Vorpahl 817-239-7031