Baseball Qualifier

Jourdanton, TX

Jourdanton Sportsplex

CEB Wood Bat Classic - South

Oct 24, 2020


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 RGV Cubs 7U Powers 2-0-0 13 36 800
2 Beeville Trojans 1-1-0 32 25 600
3 Marucci Elite Texas Laredo 0-2-0 33 17 0

Championship 8U OPEN

Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Saturday 3:00 PM Jourdanton Sportsplex 4 12 Beeville Trojans 1 Marucci Elite Texas Laredo
Game 2 Saturday 4:30 PM Jourdanton Sportsplex 4 13 RGV Cubs 7U Powers 2 Beeville Trojans
2 Beeville Trojans 12
Saturday 3:00 PM
Jourdanton Sportsplex 4
3 Marucci Elite Texas Laredo 1
1 RGV Cubs 7U Powers 13
Saturday 4:30 PM
Jourdanton Sportsplex 4
Beeville Trojans 2
RGV Cubs 7U Powers

No pitching statistics recorded.

Thank you for choosing to play with CenTex Elite Baseball 

Here is some information about the Tournament:


6u: Umpires- $30.00 per game (PAP)

7u & 8u: $150.00+ Umpires- $30.00 per game (PAP)

9u-12u: $250.00 + Umpires- $40.00 per game (PAP)

13u & 14u: $250.00 + Umpires $45.00 per game (PAP)
15-18u: $250.00 + Umpires $55.00 per game (PAP)

Gate Fee: $10.00 per person 12 years and older

Tournament Format:

-3 Game Guarantee

- 2 Pool 

- Single Elimination 


We play exclusively by the rules listed on the website.

We utilize outs instead of innings for pitching totals.

We allow -5 bats in 14u D2 and D3

We play all 13u events at 54/80 unless otherwise noted

We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds.


NCS Championship Rings are awarded to 1st & 2nd place.

*Brackets of 7 or more teams MVP will receive a CEB Bat

Schedule Requests:

Please submit all schedule request using the schedule request tab on the event menu. We will take schedule request until the Tuesday evening prior to the event. You can block out a 4 hour block on Friday or Saturday that you cannot play only! Schedule request that are more restrictive than a 4 hour "no play" block will be difficult to accommodate but we will do our best!.

Example of a schedule request we will accept: We cannot play between 8am and 12pm on Saturday.

Example of a schedule request that we will have trouble accommodating: We cannot play before 4pm.

Teams must be prepared to play from Friday evening until Sunday evening, REMEMBER: this is just a request not a guarantee but we will do our best to accommodate you.


Rosters are available until Friday at 11:59 PM. Please submit your rosters as soon as possible. Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff are not eligible to play!

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Beeville Trojans
Beeville, TX
8U D3 5-10-2
2 Marucci Elite Texas Laredo
Laredo, TX
8U D1 KP 0-3-0
3 RGV Cubs 7U Powers
Edinburg, TX
7U D2 5-2-0
4 Open
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
9 Open
10 Open
11 Open
12 Open
13 Open
14 Open
15 Open
16 Open