Rule 1.00 National Championship Sports Age Divisions, Classifications, Membership and Participation


Rule 1.01 Age Divisions and player eligibility


Age Division


Maximum age for division


Will not turn 6 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 7 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 8 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 9 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 10 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 11 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 12 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 13 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 14 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 15 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 16 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 17 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 18 years old prior to January 1st, 2021


Will not turn 19 years old prior to January 1st, 2021



 1.01 Proof of eligibility (age based)

In divisions 5U – 18U, all players participating in NCS Baseball tournament play shall always have photocopies of their original birth certificate in the possession of their team manager. Upon protest, failure to have a photocopy of the original birth certificate immediately available upon demand shall result in the offending team losing the game(s) and being ejected from the tournament

Rule 1.02 Rosters

Rosters are frozen prior to each event on a predetermined date. Players participating on a team’s lineup that are not listed on the roster are considered ineligible and will be removed from the event and the head coach will be ejected from the event. (see Rule 7.02B)

Rule 1.03 Accuracy of roster

When listing a player on your official online roster, team managers are required to use the players first name, last name (no middle names, nick names, shortened names, slang names, initials, prefixes or suffixes are allowed) and date of birth (in proper format – mm/dd/yyyy) are listed EXACTLY as they appear on his original birth certificate, as a member on an eligible team’s Official Online Roster. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in your team being prohibited from participating in NCS.

Rule 1.04 Illegal Players

A player that is found to be illegal due to an age violation during or after a league or tournament game, shall result in the offending team losing the game(s) team and player being ejected from the tournament; team being placed last in the standings and forfeiting all awards, points, sponsors travel money, and berths that would have been or have been awarded. The illegal player shall be removed from the offending team’s Official Online Roster and additional penalties may be applied.

Rule 1.05 Classifications

Division 1 is our most competitive division comprised of highly competitive teams from around the Nation.

• Division 2 is for strong regional teams that compete at a high level but are not competitive in Division 1

• Division 3 is comprised of local travel teams

Rule 1.05A Teams are required to play at an equal or more competitive division than they play in other organizations.

State and National Directors have the authority to change a team’s classification at any time.

Rule 1.06 Participation requirements

·         Rule 1.06A All teams participating in National Championship Sports events and leagues must be registered for the current season and sanctioned by NCS.

·         Rule 1.06B All teams must have a team liability insurance policy that meets the requirements of the NCS Region Director and have National Championship Sports listed as additionally insured.

·         Rule 1.06C The team’s manager is responsible for all aspects of the eligibility of the players on his team and that they meet the requirements as set forth by NCS.

Rule 2.00 Participation in the National Championship Series Elite 16 and NCS Super Qualifiers

Rule 2.01 Each NCS Region will receive 5 bids to the National Championship Series Elite 16, with an additional bid going to the host region. Qualifiers to receive the bids to the NCS Elite 16 will be known as an “NCS Super Qualifier”. NCS Super Qualifier participating teams will receive X3 points.

Rule 2.02 Paid Berths awarded at all NCS Super Qualifiers

Division 1 teams 10u – 14u winning an NCS Super Qualifier will advance to the NCS Regional World Series. This is a paid berth to the event.

• Division 1 teams 7u-9u winning an NCS Super Qualifier will receive a paid bid to an NCS Regional World Series. This is a paid berth to the event.

• Division 2 and Division 3 teams 7u-14u winning an NCS Super Qualifier will receive a paid bid to an NCS Regional World Series. This is a paid berth to the event.

• It is at the Regions Director’s discretion to award at-large-bids when weather or acts of God prevent the completion of an NCS Super Qualifier.


Rule 3.00 NCS Rankings and Seeding procedures

Rule 3.01 Calculations of rankings

• Division 3 – 50 points per win, 100 points per semifinal win, 150 points per championship win.

• Division 2 - 75 points per win, 150 points per semifinal win, 225 points per championship win. If brackets are split, the top bracket will receive D2 points, the second and successive bracket(s) will receive D3 points.

• Division 1 - 100 points per win, 200 points per semifinal win, 300 points per championship win. If brackets are split, the top bracket will receive D1 points, the second bracket will receive D2 points and the third and successive brackets will receive D3 points.


Rule 3.02 Points awarded at events will be increased by the stature of the event.

·         Qualifiers (X1 Points) – these are regular weekend events.

·         State or Zone tournaments (X2 Points)

·         NCS Super Qualifiers and NYBC Qualifiers (X3 Points)

·         NCS Regional World Series (X4 Points)

·         National Championship Series Elite 16 (X5 Points)

Rule 3.03 NCS Bracket Seeding Procedure

• Record

• Head to head with only 2 teams tied

• Runs allowed

• Runs scored

• NCS Points ranking

• Automated coin flip

Rule 4.00 Regions of National Championship Sports Softball and Governance

Rule 4.01 National Championship Sports is split into 3 geographical areas known as “REGIONS”. Regions are comprised of States within the United States of America as follows.

·         Eastern Region – Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

·         Central Region – Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas.

·         Western Region – Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.


Rule 4.02 National Championship Sports is governed by the Executive Board of Directors and managed by the National Finance Board.

The National Championship Sports Board of Directors  
Rick Melendrez Sr
Domingo Castaneda
Rick Melendrez Jr
Don Myers

Rule 4.03
Each State/Zone of National Championship Sports is governed by the State Director under the advice of the State’s Region Director. All Tournament directors are governed by the State or Zone Director.

Rule 4.04 Appeals to any rulings or decisions can be escalated to the Region level. There are no appeals past the Region Director. The Region Director’s ruling is final.



Rule 5.00 Ejections

Ejection offenses include but are not limited to:

Rule 5.01 Physical attack on an umpire, tournament official, associate director, team staff, and/or any player or fan prior, during, or immediately following a game played under the authority of National Championship Sports.

Rule 5.02 Players, coaches, managers, or sponsors threatening an umpire, tournament official, associate director, or associate officer with physical harm.

Rule 5.03 Any player, coach, manager, sponsor, director or officer who engages in physical fighting.

Rule 5.04 Using unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive language, symbol tactics, or derogatory or unbecoming acts.

Rule 5.05 Destruction of property, abuse or failure to pay.

Rule 5.06 Receiving money directly or indirectly for playing on a team and/or based on athletic performance.

Rule 5.07 Competing under an assumed, false and/or altered name.

Rule 5.08 Use of any illegal equipment, substance, or falsification of any kind.

Rule 5.09 Tournament hosts have the authority to eject a player, fans or team anytime during a tournament of committing any of the above, but not limited to, listed offenses.

Rule 5.10 Player or coach ejection carries removal from that game and 1 additional game.

Rule 5.11 Coach or manager who is ejected for the second time in a specific tournament is suspended for the rest of the event and subject to further penalties.

Rule 5.12 Malicious contact, players must seek to avoid contact.

Rule 6.00 Playing Field and Equipment

Rule 6.01 The playing field should be laid out according to age specific dimensions. The field must have a protected player dugout. NCS will be played at the following distances:

• 5U - 10U 35x60

• 11U-12U: 40x60

• 13U-18U: 43x60

Rule 6.03 Ball Size

5U - 10U: 11 inch

• 11U-18U: 12 inch

Rule 6.03 Banned metal bats

6.03A Any bat that has been altered from its original factory specifications is an illegal bat. Any NCS listed staff member at any time can request to inspect any bat that has been brought onto the property that an NCS governed event is being held. The owner may either:

6.03A(1) Withhold the bat and accept an immediate 5-year ban from all NCS sanctioned events, or:

6.03A(2) Allow the Staff member to inspect the bat and reach a conclusion as to whether the bat might be altered.

(Penalty: If the bat is found to be altered, the owner will receive a lifetime ban from all NCS sanctioned events)


Rule 6.04 Bat limitations

All bats must be stamped from an accredited organization.

• Not longer than 34 inches

• Weight must not exceed 31 ounces

• Barrel must not exceed 2-¼ inches

(Penalty: prior to the first pitch the bat will be removed from the game. Once a pitch has been thrown to the batter with the illegal bat, the batter is out. Once the next batter receives a pitch, the previous batter that used the illegal bat cannot be protested.)

Rule 6.05 Metal spiked cleats are allowed only in 13U – 18U

Rule 6.06 Catchers must use a full “hockey style” helmet.


Rule 7.00 Official Playing Rules

Please check with your event director to verify any additional rule sets that will be followed.

Rule 7.01 Time limits

5U - 18U 1:10hr or (7 innings)

Rule 7.02 The Pitcher

Step backwards is permitted

 7.02A Each team is allowed one visit to the mound within an inning per pitcher. After the one visit is used, the next trip to the mound after that will result in the pitcher being removed.

 7.02B An illegal pitcher is over age or not on the teams NCS roster by the event’s roster lock date.


Rule 7.03 The Batter

Batting line up


1. Bat 9

2. Bat 9 with a DP/Flex

3. Use up to 2 EP(s) declaring at least 1 substitute

4. Use a DP/Flex and up to 2 EP(s)

7.03A When using options 1-3, all eligible subs must be listed on the lineup card. Your official lineup must be presented to the opposing coach and the plate umpire prior to the start of each game.

7.03B Teams may play an official game with an eight (8) player line-up. If a team plays with an eight (8) player line-up, an out shall be declared for the ninth (9th) position in the batting line-up each turn at bat. A ninth (9th) player and all subsequent players may be added to the bottom of the batting line-up as soon as they become available.

Rule 7.04 Courtesy runner(s)

For the pitcher and catcher of record only once they reach first base. A courtesy runner can be used for the pitcher and catcher at any time. The courtesy runner must be a legal substitute currently not in the game, including starters that have been substituted for but are legally eligible for re-entry.

Rule 7.05 Mercy Rule

The game will be stopped after any completed inning once a team has a lead of 20 runs. 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings.

Rule 7.06 Tie breaker in tied games

If a NON-POOL PLAY GAME ends in a tie, we will utilize the following tie breaker.

The last batter from the previous inning will go to 2nd base.

The offensive team will start the inning with (0) out.


Rule 7.7 8U

7.7A 10 players on defense

7.7B Pitching coach MUST have 1 foot on pitching rubber entire time until pitch is released

7.7C  Each batter get 5 pitches

7.7C(1) Foul ball on the  5TH PITCH: Batter is awarded 1 additional pitch

7.7D Run cap in bracket determined by Tournament Director

7.7E Runner Leaving Early

7.7E(1) 1st time there will be a warning given and runner returns back to base and dead ball batter recieves pitch as a foul ball.

7.7E(2) 2nd instance on same runner , the runner will be out

7.7E(2A) If batter is on 6th courtesy pitch and runner is called leaving early batter will be called out

7.7F Ball hit pitching coach: ball is considered foul ball and runners return to base. If by umpire judment coach interfered with play that could have been avoided, lead runner will be called out.

7.7G Pitching coach may not talk to batter or runners while on offense. If so 1st time will be a warning, 2nd will be a strike on the batter, but pitching coach may talk to base coaches.


Rule 8.00 Items not specifically listed

Rule 8.01 The Region, State or Zone director ruling is final.

Rule 8.02 Items not specifically listed will revert to NFHS Rules