Super Series Nationals

Las Vegas, NV

Sunset Park


Dec 1-6, 2021


# Team W-L-T RA RS PTS
1 Team Rawlings 2-0-0 13 35 0
2 Reapers 2-0-0 31 40 0
3 Arby's/Outlaws and outsiders 1-1-0 20 18 50
4 Total Package 1-1-0 26 29 0
5 Team TSG / Mojo Bombers 1-1-0 40 41 0
6 NW Jokers 0-2-0 44 38 0
7 Bowers Excavating 0-2-0 46 19 0

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Rosters can be updated until Dec 1

Brackets: Continue to check our website incase of any changes -
& always check master brackets at the fields.



40 & Over AAA Brackets

40 & Over MAJOR Brackets

40 & Over MAJOR PLUS Brackets

* If You See Any Bracket Mistakes - Please email us the issue at so we can fix it!

Please Read All Rules/Team Matrix -Rankings Info and come legal, We are Strict and weill kick teams out of the event if entered into the wrong division.

This is a 5GG with outstanding awards packages - Individual players do not have to pay annual registration

Winning teams Do Not Have to buy Rings -You Earned them!

Nov 1 deadline or when sold out = what ever comes 1st!!

Do Not Pay For Flights or Hotels before paying entry fee and confirming with us you are officially in our event!


40's AAA 1st thru 4th

40's Major 1st thru 4th

40's Major Plus 1st /2nd

50's AAA 1st /2nd

50's Major 1st /2nd

ROSTER: Because on-line roster may show approved -This just means you have at least 10 people added- This Does Not Mean Your Team Is Legal - You still have to follow our rankings system!

40 & Overs will play at Sunset & Warm Springs

50 & Overs will play at Big League Dreams

+++ 40 Men's Major Plus Division+++ Will be a KDC Industrial Service sponsored event! The Winner will receive great awards and $3,000 CASH! Time to step up and Play The Best!


Divisions will conflict: Divisions will also be at different parks throughout the Vegas area it will be hard to play on 2 teams. Also you can only play on 1 team if same gender – example if playing Men’s D you can’t play Men’s E or  Men’s C etc.

Anyone playing in the Open or C division CAN’T PLAY on any E TEAM!

No more paper rosters -All teams Must be annually registered and add roster on-line at If not you will owe $50 in Cash before you can play and have to spot other teams runs

 If a team NO SHOWS and you receive a forfeit this does give your team a win and counts toward your 3gg.

Game Lengths and Times

 Seniors 60 Minute game play plus open inning (70 Mins + Open Minutes for Championships)

All listed game times are approximate start times – be prepared to start up to 15 minutes early. If other team and umpires are ready, there could be a loss of game if your team isn’t ready to go. (Game times can change due to unforeseen circumstances so always check master brackets at the fields)

Team eligibility:

You must bring a legal team according to our rules, rankings and team matrix and must have roster on-line at

Can we pick up players from any team or state:

Yes as long as you fit our rules and rankings matrix: It’s December so you can put throw-together team in / get ready for 2022

How many teams does LVW’s draw:

The event continues to grow you can expect 400 + total teams

Is there a managers meeting:

No managers meeting enjoy Vegas and read all rules and ranking info at our website.


Not Mandatory but do your best to look like a team.

Are there roster checks:

Yes, not always but can be anytime!

All players must have legal photo ID/Drivers License on them at all times that match names on roster.

What Kind of balls do you use / do teams have to buy balls:

Only DUDLEY balls are allowed except the ZN Stadium ball or any 47 core Dudley balls. (Senior divisions can also bring the senior rock ball)

Ball supplies are limited across the USA:

We will have some for sale and also may supply a couple per team.

What Kind of Bats can we use:

Bats must have new USSSA, ASA-USA or NSA stamp / No fastpitch, baseball bats, cheater bats etc.

40-50 & Overs = Senior Bats OK!

Pitching info:

All Pitchers must wear protective Mask

All pitchers must wear mask or helmet / 40-50 & Overs No pumping = 6-12 with a Mat

DHH Rule:

We do not use this rule

What park does our division play at:

Park Locations/ Where you play: = posted at Las Vegas Worlds event details pages

More Info

Roster - You can edit roster anytime up until December 1.

Pulling out of event after deadline: Full entry fee will be charged and if we don’t find replacement team – NO REFUNDS

Umpires: We use 1 Man system – but we will try to use 2 man for semi’s and finals – (Not Guaranteed, but likely)

1st Aid: (We Do Not Supply) – Please bring your own 1st Aid Kits, Ice packs and any other safety related items (We suggest to purchasing team insurance to be safe)

Field Preps: Usually we do initial full preps each day and then just quick preps/water when we can and if we can / have time

IF Game:  IN some divisions we may not have time to play an if game.  Championship Game may be winner takes all!

Teams Needing Player /Players Needing Teams:

Email We will do our best to help out.

ROSTER: Because on-line roster may show approved -This just means you have at least 10 people added- This Does Not Mean Your Team Is Legal – You still have to follow our rankings system!

Military, Black American, Native American and Senior rosters do not count against you in standard E,D Women’s, COED and Men’s Divisions

*Drivers License is what we go by for Men’s or Women’s eligibility – If DL states male or non bianary, player is only allowed to play as a man for our events, If DL states female, player is only allowed to play as a woman for our events etc.


If event staff makes mistake on brackets causing a team to get shorted a game under the 3gg; team will get refunded $150 or we will give you $200 future credit

Teams please don’t contact us through Facebook, Instagram, etc. Only by email or phone please

Traffic Info: We can’t postpone games because of any freeway closures or heavy traffic. Plan on heavy traffic all weekend and leave to parks early.

New courtesy runner rule: must have a substitute for runner if he is up to bat and stuck on 3rd base

Don’t leave valuables in your car -Vegas has some rough area’s

Get directions now for parks you may be playing at and get your team the 411

*If you get kicked out of our tournament for having an illegal team or player; team does not get a refund.

* Bring Food and Water as SS / WS Parks do not have snackbars- BLD = No Outside food or drinks allowed


Pre & Post Tournament Contact:

Jay Zetz =

BLD Thursday/Friday

Steve Graham 916-316-8787

Fritz Hummel 916-479-5295

John March 775-224-3670

*Also check website /  regularly for info and updates

During Tournament:

Talk to on-site director with any questions or issues

We will post On-Site Directors names and Cell Phones soon at our websites. Stay Tuned!

# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Arby's/Outlaws and outsiders
Richardson, TX
50s MENS AA 23-11-0
2 Bowers Excavating
Mandan, ND
50s MENS AAA 0-2-0
3 NW Jokers
Kennewick, WA
50s MENS AAA 0-2-0
4 Reapers
Royse City, TX
50s MENS AAA 15-14-0
5 Team Rawlings
Hemet, CA
50s MENS AAA 2-0-0
6 Team TSG / Mojo Bombers
Columbus, OH
50s MENS AAA 1-1-0
7 Total Package
50s MENS AAA 1-1-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Arizona Heat
Maricopa, AZ
50s MENS MAJOR 36-22-1
2 Battle Born NV
Sparks, NV
50s MENS MAJOR 6-4-1
Sacramento, CA
50s MENS MAJOR 1-1-0
4 PX 40/40
Las Vegas, NV
50s MENS MAJOR 0-2-0
5 Vicious Cycle
Sacramento, CA
50s MENS MAJOR 12-2-0
6 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 214 Bullets
Dallas, TX
40s MENS AAA 13-13-0
2 Alpha Sports
North Ogden, UT
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
3 AZ Old Spice / DTS
Apache Junction, AZ
40s MENS AAA 35-35-0
4 Back Door Sliders
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
5 Big Hawks
Avondale, AZ
40s MENS AAA 13-12-0
6 DDT- Double Dip This
Scottsdale, AZ
40s MENS AAA 39-26-2
Warren, MI
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
8 Freaks
Fort Mill, SC
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
9 Game Over
Elk Grove, CA
40s MENS AAA 7-12-0
10 HBM
Morgan Hill, CA
40s MENS AAA 9-2-0
Phoenix, AZ
40s MENS AAA 37-23-1
12 JRS/N.S.S
Atlanta, GA
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
13 Legendary Softball
Citrus Heights, CA
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
14 MidLife Crisis
League City, TX
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
15 Mo Rip
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
16 N.Q.R
Bakersfield, CA
40s MENS AAA 4-2-0
17 NC Six Pac
40s MENS AAA 5-11-2
18 Ohana Legacy
Downey, CA
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
19 Players Only Senior Softball
Burleson, TX
40s MENS AAA 9-14-0
tucson, AZ
40s MENS AAA 44-25-2
21 SB
Hollister, CA
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
22 Sicarios
Oakland, CA
40s MENS AAA 3-9-1
23 Team Hitz
Tolleson, AZ
40s MENS AAA 21-29-1
24 Team Money
Mesa, AZ
40s MENS AAA 15-17-0
25 Texas Connexion
Sonora, TX
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
26 The Security Store/Express Athletics
Grants Pass, OR
40s MENS AAA 19-6-1
27 TNT
San Jose, CA
40s MENS AAA 2-4-0
28 Toda Madre
Litchfield Park, AZ
40s MENS AAA 14-8-0
29 Twisted Reality
Bakersfield, CA
40s MENS AAA 3-5-0
30 Undisputed Truth La
Ruston, LA
40s MENS AAA 9-9-0
31 UnWanted
Darien, IL
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
32 Vicious Cycle 40’s
Oakley, CA
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
33 West Coast Empire
Visali, CA
40s MENS AAA 26-24-0
34 Where's 5 At?
Phoenix, AZ
40s MENS AAA 30-42-0
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Above And Beyond Plumbing
Fairfield, CA
40s MENS MAJOR 7-12-0
2 Avalon Meat Candy
Las Vegas, NV
40s MENS MAJOR 2-2-0
3 Bad Company
Argyle, TX
40s MENS MAJOR 21-8-0
4 Blue Pill Mafia
Peoria, AZ
40s MENS MAJOR 64-26-0
5 Blue Point 40's
Phoenix, AZ
40s MENS MAJOR 21-10-1
6 Boomtown
Las Vegas, NV
40s MENS MAJOR 5-2-0
40s MENS MAJOR 3-2-0
8 Cheap Suits / EA / PROTON
Tracy, CA
40s MENS MAJOR 4-0-0
9 Flatcreek/ Billy Gail's
Branson, MO
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
10 Flatliners
Valley center, CA
40s MENS MAJOR 4-2-0
11 GHK 40 Proof
Garner, AR
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
12 HMR
San Leandro, CA
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
13 KB
50s MENS MAJOR 3-6-0
14 Legends Sports
Las Vegas, NV
40s MENS MAJOR 1-2-0
15 Midwest Aholes
Bloomington mn, MN
40s MENS AAA 7-1-0
16 POP/A3
40s MENS MAJOR 2-4-0
17 Project 57
Boise, ID
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
18 Ronoco/Cut N Edge/Grider
Rowlett, TX
40s MENS AAA 0-0-0
Fresno, CA
40s MENS MAJOR 3-4-0
20 Shut-D
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
21 Texas Bullets
Carrollton, TX
40s MENS MAJOR 14-6-0
22 Texas Homies
Oak Cliff, TX
40s MENS AAA 7-4-0
23 Texas Rage/Escobar Body Shop
Little Elm, TX
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
24 Open
# Team Name Confirmed Division W-L-T
Chesapeake, VA
40s MENS MAJOR 0-0-0
2 Front Row / MVP Sports
Odessa, TX
40s MENS MAJOR PLUS 10-4-0
3 Huey Designs
4 Johnny Blaze/Elite 40's
Whitter, CA