Double Points Qualifier

Las Vegas, NV

Jay Zetz


Dec 1-5, 2022

Scroll down for director contacts for each park / Jay Zetz is Pre and Post event contact Only! 

Need help adding players to roster that show pending?

Players can go to and create a profile. The invite will be in their profile as long as they use the same email you used to send it to them.

They don’t have to wait to get it as an email. They can claim it in their profile 

Nov 30th freeze date

2022 RANKINGS System - Make sure your team is legal - 

Our new online player profiles/roster rankings system will not take effect until 2023 - 




Las Vegas Worlds Details Info/FAQs

Yes we sell balls at all fields along with great swag = jerseys, jackets, hoodies, hats, beanies, batting gloves and more - also come see ELITE SPORTS Gear @ BLD

Divisions will conflict: Divisions will also be at different parks throughout the Vegas area so it will be extremely difficult to play on 2 separate teams. Also, you can only play on one team of the same gender – for example... if playing Men’s D you can’t play Men’s E or  Men’s C etc.

Anyone playing in the Open or C division CAN’T PLAY ON ANY "E" TEAM!

All teams must be annually registered and add roster on-line at 

3 Game Guarantee: If a team NO SHOWS and you receive a forfeit this does give your team a win and counts toward your 3GG.

Divisions with 40 teams or more may be split into 2 brackets with the winners of each bracket playing one final game for the Championship regardless of record

Game Lengths and Times

Adult E, D, All FORCES 60 minutes (Championships 70 Minutes)

Upper Divisions 65 minutes / Seniors 60 Minutes plus open inning (70 Mins + Open Inning for Championships)

All listed game times are approximate start times – be prepared to start up to 15 minutes early. If other team and umpires are ready, there could be a loss of game if your team isn’t ready to go. (Game times can change due to unforeseen circumstances so always check master brackets at the fields)

Team eligibility:

You must bring a legal team according to our rules, rankings and team matrix and must have roster on-line at

Is there a managers meeting /HR DERBY?

No managers meeting / Derby enjoy Vegas and read all rules, ranking and EVENT INFO pages at our website.

Are Team Uniforms mandatory?

Not Mandatory but do your best to look like a team.

Are there roster checks?


All players must have legal photo ID/Drivers License on them at all times that match names and DOB on roster.

What Kind of balls are allowed?

  • DUDLEY is our official ball of choice. The optic yellow ball…. 12-inch balls for the MEN and an 11-inch for the WOMEN.
    • All Game Balls must be DUDLEY and must be OPTIC YELLOW in color. All Dudley balls are allowed for Seniors and Men’s play except Stadium Balls and any 47-core ball.
    • COED no 44/525’s / or 47 core or Stadium Balls allowed!

Due to limited ball supplies, how do we get balls if we can't find them locally?

We will have some for sale and also will supply a couple per team at check in.

What Kind of Bats can we use?

Bats must have new or older USSSA, ASA-USA or NSA stamp / No fastpitch, baseball bats, cheater bats etc.

Senior Bats can only be used in the Senior Division

Pitching info:

All Pitchers must wear protective Mask

4-10 ft strike zone pumping allowed and all pitchers must wear mask or helmet / Seniors - No pumping / 6-12 with a Mat

DHH Rule:

We do not use this rule

Pulling out of event after the Nov 1 deadline or when we sell out: Full entry fee will be charged and if we don’t find replacement team – NO REFUNDS -  about a90 % refund if we can find replacement team that pays in full.

Umpires: We use 1 Man system – but we will try to use 2 man for semi’s and finals – (Not Guaranteed, but likely)

First Aid: (We Do Not Supply) – Please bring your own First Aid Kits, ice packs, and any other safety related items (we suggest purchasing team insurance to be safe)

Field Preps: Usually we do initial full preps each day and then just quick preps/water when we can and if we can / have time

"If" game:  In some divisions, we may not have time to play an if game.  Championship Game may be winner takes all!

ROSTER: Because on-line roster may show approved - This just means you have at least 10 people added - This Does Not Mean Your Team Is Legal – You still have to follow our rankings system!

Military, Black American, Native American and Senior rosters do not count against you in standard E,D Women’s, COED and Men’s Divisions

*Drivers License is what we go by for Men’s or Women’s eligibility – If DL states male or non bianary, player is only allowed to play as a man for our events, If DL states female, player is only allowed to play as a woman for our events.

Roster must be on-line  and legal per our rankings system at our website. 

Traffic Info: We can’t postpone games because of any freeway closures or heavy traffic. Plan on heavy traffic all weekend and leave to your park early.

Courtesy runner rule: must have a substitute for runner if he is up to bat and stuck on 3rd base

Don’t leave valuables in your car - Vegas has some rough area’s

Get directions now for the park/parks you are playing at and get your team the 411

*** If you get kicked out of our tournament for having an illegal team or player, your team will not get a refund!


NCS Awards Details: (Example -Not always exact)

·         1st and 2nd place prizes will be given out with 5 or more teams. 

·         1st-3rd place prizes will be given out with 20 or more teams in your division.

·         1st-4th place prizes will be given out with more than 30 or more teams in your division.

 Jerseys, Rings, MVP Bats,  MVP Bags Batting Gloves, All World Selections, Banners, Batting Gloves , Trophies 

We are generous with awards 

During Tournament Contacts / Park Locator

Talk to on-site director with any questions or issues

Arroyo Grande Sports Complex

Steve Graham (916) 316-8787
Big League Dreams
Thursday - Steve Graham (916) 316-8787
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday - Mike Smoot (916) 257-0388

Desert Breeze Sports Complex

Joey M. (702) 860-7060

Hollywood Park Softball Complex
David Graham (916) 923-8130
Russell Road Recreation Complex
Ricky Sarzoza (602) 561-2652
Shadow Rock Park Softball Complex
Donald Yabarreche (209) 914-3229
Sunset Park Softball Complex
Derrick Williams (702) 296-6126
Warm Springs Softball Complex
Rudy Gomez (916) 996-1024
Doc Romeo Softball Complex
Fritz Hummel (916) 479-5295

Veterans Memorial Softball Complex

Chris Smith (916) 878-8276

Desert Bloom Park

Skylar Zetz (916) 730-5343