Super Regionals

Sunnyvale, CA

Jay Zetz


Dec 16-17

37th Annual TOYS-4-TOTS @ The Creeks! A Fantastic 10 Field all turf complex with Sports Bar and Grill and plenty of extras in Sunnyvale, CA

Please bring New Toy if you can afford it (Not Mandatory) We will have some for sale at the fields if you forget to bring.

Top teams will win Toys-4-Tots Signature Sublimation Jerseys, Rings and More!

Smaller divisions we will award 1st place awards and maybe 2nd depending on team count.

Larger divisions we will award 1st and 2nd place teams and maybe 3rd/4th.

*Plan on long days starting at 7:00am for some teams!

3GG -not sure of bracket type yet most likely play 2 pool games followed by single elimination 

* Teams with out at least 10 people on roster /No on-line roster will spot runs, or be moved up a level and owe $50 extra entry fee!

Our on-line rosters will say approved if having 10 or more players -This does not mean your team is approved etc- Read our rules and rankings pages and bring a legal team!

So you still have to read our rankings page info and make sure your legal for the division you choose to play!


Log into your account, Go to profile. 

Click manage team. 

Click desired event and payment link.

Click select and deposit option will be available

NO Guarantee on what particular fields out of the 10 you will play on.


40's/50's: $445 if paid In Full before Dec 1st/$475 after Dec 1st = 3-5 Game Guarantee

Teams pay umpires $17 at home plate before each game -

Basic Senior Rules


Rec,E,D $365 IF paid in Full before Dec 1/after Dec 1 $380 3-4GG

Men's Open $395 -IF  Paid in Full before Dec 1/after Dec 1 /after $425 Womens $395 if not paid in full by Dec 1

Rec,E,D Teams pay umpires $14 at home plate before each game  OPEN $15 per game

40's-50’s May be 2 days 

Men's E, Rec, May be 2 days

Men's D Saturday Only 

COED  Sunday Only

Women's  - Saturday Only

 COED Seniors Sunday Only

Basic Adult Rules

Teams must register and add roster on-line at our website

Teams pay umpires at home plate before each game - Dudley is official tournament ball.

They don’t have to wait to get it as an email. They can claim it in their profile

Roster Help:

Complete Online Roster

All NCS teams are required to have their roster on-line in the web site system before they play.  It’s a quick and simple process.

To begin entering your roster data, log in to your team manager, click "PROFILE".  Enter your Login ID and Password and click the SUBMIT button.  

You are now at the Team Manager Menu.  Make sure your current year team is highlighted and click on the EDIT ROSTER.

Follow the directions at the top of the page to enter each player's personal data.  

Only enter each player's LEGAL FIRST & LAST NAMES as they appear on Drivers license.  

DO NOT include middle names, nick names, shortened names, slang names, initials, prefixes or suffixes (i.e.; Jr., II, III, etc.)...ONLY the LEGAL first and last names and a valid player email address.

All players on roster must check their email and accept the NCS invitation to be on the team.

If the email is blocked by firewalls or other security settings players can go to and create a profile.

The invite will be in their profile as long as they use the same email you used to send it to them. 

New for 2023:

Entry fee is a bit higher, However there is NO Gate fee and its not Mandatory to bring a toy this year, So over all this actually saves teams a few bucks.

No more Friday night games.


*Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances are prohibited on Twin Creek Sunnyvale Complex’s property.  NO OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINKS ALLOWED!! - Support The Club House, Snackbar and Sports Bar!

*Employees and participants are prohibited from chewing gum while on the fields or in sports complex. 

*Employees and participants are prohibited from bringing any food onto the fields, including sunflower seeds.

*No grills or cookers allowed · No amplifiers or devices that produce loud noises shall be permitted.

*Glass containers are prohibited in all areas.

*Pets, skates of any kind, skateboards, and bicycles are prohibited in all areas.

*Only appropriate footwear (no track spikes or track shoes that may damage the fields) may be used on the fields.

*No firearms, air rifles, BB guns, spring guns, bow and arrows, slings, or any other form of weapon dangerous to human safety are allowed on the facility grounds at any time.

*It is prohibited for any person to engage in boisterous, threatening, abusive, insulting, indecent or profane language or to engage in any disorderly conduct or behavior leading to a breach of the public peace and enjoyment of the facility. Twin Creeks Sports Complex reserves the right to remove, or have removed, any person(s) due to abusive conduct or a non-­cooperative attitude.

*No person or group shall store, leave or otherwise allow remaining at the facility, any materials, supplies, equipment or other physical accessories without written permission of Twin Creeks Sports Complex. A reasonable charge may be assessed by Twin Creeks Sports Complex to remove any such items.

*Twin Creeks Sports Complex reserves the right to remove, or have removed, any person(s) due to a violation of any of these rules.

*No smoking shall be permitted within Twin Creeks Sports Complex or within City ordinance.

Overnight parking is prohibited, including overnight parking of any motor homes or other recreational vehicle.

* All participants must wear a mask inside the clubhouse and sports bar

     Here's a link to the park policies on our website as well  Park Policies

*No person shall engage in any sale of merchandise, services or operate any concessions without prior approval.