Bullard, TX

Joseph Martin

East Texas Class C State

Jun 7-9, 2024


We're committed to promoting the Game of Softball!

We promote the game and the players through our Championship Events by providing teams and their supporters with high quality venues and well managed tournaments.

Teams compete with the best amateur softball clubs in the Nation.

Team Event Registration Fee


Pay Umps at the Plate $50 a game in pool and $50 a game in bracket.

Event Info

4 Game Guarantee 

2 pool games to double elimination

Pool play will seed bracket.

All -ELITE SPORTING EVENTS- tournaments are first pay/first play. Your entry into an event is not complete until you have paid the entry fee.

Divisions may sell out prior to the payment deadline.

The number of available spots in a division may fluctuate depending on the needs of all divisions that share the same field size.

Keep an eye on the schedule until Thursday evening prior to the event. Any schedule changes will be communicated via email on the team account.

Gate Fee

$10 per person 13 and over

$5 per person ages 5-12

4 coaches and all players get in free.


We play exclusively by the rules listed on the website.

60 min Pool Play, 75 min Bracket

Protests are $100. Win your protest and you will get your money back.

League All-Star teams are required to submit a paper roster before their first game.

14u Division will be open to 15 year old players for league teams only.


All first-place teams will receive Championship Rings. 

All Finalist will receive Finalist Rings.

All Brackets will receive team Championship Banners.

How do I submit a schedule request? 

Please use the tab on the event info to submit a schedule request.

We will do our best to accommodate requests.

Can we bring our pets?

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME! Only Registered Service Animals will be permitted.

When are our rosters locked and what do I do if a parents forgets/neglects to sign the waiver prior to the cutoff?

All rosters are locked on the Friday evening prior to the event at 11:59 pm.

Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff will not appear on the public view team’s page and

may cause a protest. Players on the roster that are not on the public view will still be eligible.

Behavior at the events

-ELITE SPORTING EVENTS- has a zero-tolerance policy towards disrespectful and adverse behavior.

Any fan, parent, player, or coach will be ejected from the event for adverse behavior towards anyone at the tournament.

- ELITE SPORTING EVENTS - reserves the right to keep any person from entering the property due to disrespectful and adverse behavior. 

Speakers and radios are allowed. Please be respectful of the other teams that are participating. 

Zero tolerance for vulgar language.

Where will we play?

 East Texas Class C State will be played in Bullard at East Texas Turf and/or in Whitehouse at Whitehouse Sports Complex.

Be ready to play within a 45-mile radius as we have multiple other great complexes that we could use if the need arises. 


Once schedules have been released, there will be no refunds for teams that withdraw.  

If the event gets canceled, you may transfer to another - ELITE SPORTING EVENTS - event for no additional fees.

Do I need team insurance?

Yes, if you did not buy your policy through National Championship Sports you must add NCS (entity below) as an additionally insured.

You can do this free of charge by contacting your insurance provider. You must upload your insurance to your team profile before the event.

National Championship Sports

2011 East Lamar Blvd

Suite 120

Arlington, Texas 76006

All coaches that will be inside the dugout or on the field must be background checked through NCS.


Cory 903-372-5432


  • the pitcher's pivot foot could become airborne with one push from the pitcher's plate. However, pitchers would not be allowed to replant their pivot foot, resulting in pushing off from a second point and the pitcher being farther away from the pitcher's plate. (Located in Definitions) (9.4, 4) 
  • With an in-game pitching change, the new pitcher must pitch to 3 batters or until the end of the inning/game, whichever comes first.  Injury to the pitcher, at the discretion of the umpire, may override this rule. (6.5, 2, d) 
  • NCS will implement a $100 protest fee for fastpitch, at the discretion of the tournament director. (5.2) 
  • All protests for an "illegal player" must be presented in real time and carry a $100 protest fee! 
  • Illegal players will be ejected from the game, along with the head coach and will be issued a 7-0 forfeit.  The illegal player may not return to the event.  (Located in Definitions) (4.16 (h) (i) 
    • 6.5, 5 (Ineligible players), instead of illegal players have changed…… 
    • 6.6 Re-Entry 
  • Ineligible players will be removed from the game and play continues. (Located in Definitions) Please study the ineligible player section of the rulebook, as we changed illegal in places to reflect "ineligible" and the penalties have been changed in places to "remove", rather than "eject" players.  NCS is placing a heavier weight on illegal players with ejection from event and 7-0 forfeit for the teams.
  • Any tacky products may only be used by the offense.  No defensive player will be allowed to have a tacky substance in play.    (9.13, 1) 
  • If in the umpire’s judgement the throw takes the fielder into contact with the runner, it is not considered obstruction and the play continues.  (8.10 Defensive Obstruction) 
  • On DECK BATTER:  All on deck batters will occupy the circle behind the batter, regardless of dugout for safety. (Definitions) 

Rosters MUST be online no exceptions, players may appear on coaches’ side and not public view, all players will have a timestamp from when they were added to the roster.

Failure to have players listed online could cause your team to be protested, at which point all players not listed will become ineligible.